140° The Botching of Blooper Beach

"If you've played any kind of digital board gaming experience, then surely you have experienced the frustration that can stem from an AI's all-too-convenient actions. No doubt, you've also fallen victim to a set of taxing circumstances that happened at the worst possible time. How would you feel, however, if you observed a series of recurring events on the verge of being predictable? Over time, surely you'd feel more than just a little bit of irritation. Perhaps cheated? Victimized? All of the above? At the very least, I'm pretty sure anyone would be turned off from playing that game, board, or mode for the long-term (especially if high blood pressure is involved). Well, never before in any digital board gaming experience -- Mario Party or otherwise -- have I felt many of the responses just described, with feelings of shock also added to the mix." --

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