GAMERZ411 # 51: Playstation Orbis To Steal E3?

T-Hill writes: In this episode:

- We talk Playstation Orbis…is there an chance it will show up at E3?

- Max Payne 3 Multiplayer Impressions.

- Call of Duty’s Community Manager Robert Bowling bounces on Activision and Infinity Ward…what caused the fall out?

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Dlacy13g2387d ago

Curious to hear impressions on the Max Payne 3 mp... what I have seen in video before reminds me of GTA IV.

HungPHATx2387d ago

As always ! Thanks to our listeners for checking out our show....

Ck1x2387d ago

Why would this even be located under the wiiu tab of news! Makes absolutely no sense whatsoeve...

2EHO2387d ago

Orbis at E3 you know where Nintendo is suppose to unveil the final version of the Wii U.

Ck1x2387d ago

Sony's CEO even stated there would be no news at e3 though, so why would people not in the industry know better than people that work at Sony...


You know like how Vita didn't exist or the 3DS or Kinect or PS Move. These companies would not let this stuff out until their official reveal. We all knew GoW 3 was coming and StarHawk was coming but they kept denying it until they confirmed it at the official unvealing.

You make a comment but don't know your gaming history because all companies until they say it's official.

You just look stuff up before commenting...just saying bro :P

HungPHATx2386d ago

Don't even know why we post here ! This place is crawling with Trolls who have a closed mind and doesn't think outside the box

Ck1x2386d ago

Actually that's not true at all because if you knew your history Sony announced what is now the psVita shortly after nintendo launched the 3ds in Japan. So we knew about the system well in advanced before e3... Sony has never been as secretive as nintendo or say apple when it comes to revealing hardware! We heard about the psp2 for quite sometime, it was known early on that it would be a very powerful handheld and it launched being just that

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