Microsoft Rolls Out It’s Triple Play Promo

T-Hill writes: Microsoft is giving gamers a way to gain additional Microsoft points by enjoying your Xbox 360′s different functionaliities. Triple Play offer just for you.

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Dante1122480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Idk about this, THILLR. I have to pay for almost everything to gain a few extra points or stay online for 10 hours straight.

"Spend 800 Points or more on game-related items (Games on Demand, DLC, XBLA, etc.)"

"Spend 400 Points or more on any film or TV content"

"Play online via Xbox Live for 10 hours"

Emilio_Estevez2480d ago

Shocking, Microsoft wants you to pay moar!?

m232480d ago

When does it say you have to play 10 hours straight? Just play multiplayer for 10 hours during April, not to be a jackass but use some common sense.

Tres212480d ago

munish is right u just hav 2 do those things during the month & u dont hav 2 pay dats just an option, i can play games 4 10 or kinect game 4 two hrs, then instead of buying a movie i can just listen 2 last fm or finish watchin crackle(which has an ish load of animes i been rewatchin samurai x & ikki tousin), & social is easy youtube 4 an hr is simple or facebook, or video chat wit a friend...all that is free 2 do but u can pay also if u want a reason 2 complain i guess.

Zichu2479d ago

I saw this a couple of days ago and I was thinking of doing it without spending any money lol.

Play Kinect for 2 hours or play games online for 10 hours total. I could easily play SSX for 10 hours online within a week.

Use any of the entertainment apps for 10 hours.

Watch Youtube through Live for an hour.

I think I could easily do this. I don't fancy spending money to get little back.