The Microsoft Dilemma: HD DVD or Blu-Ray?

The Money Times, by Daisy Sarma - January 6, 2008:

It has been an eventful Friday as far as HD DVD is concerned. Warner declared its preference for Blu-ray over HD DVD, and then the HD DVD Promotion Group canceled its CES press conference. The immediate reaction in the market probably is that it is doomsday for HD DVD. What will be more interesting to see is Microsoft's stand in the entire episode.

It seems Microsoft made the wrong choice as far as HD DVD is concerned. While many consider the fact of having to admit making the wrong choice embarrassing for Microsoft, one thing is for sure: Microsoft cannot escape making a choice. It is critical for Bill Gates to address this issue, and the sooner he does it the better.

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Neurotoxin4035d ago

I want there to be no peasant in my kingdom so poor that he is unable to have a chicken in his pot every Sunday.

Mr Marbles4035d ago

What kingdom? Here is the reality, why does Microsoft need to acknowledge any mistakes? Does Intel also need to admit they backed the wrong format, because they back HDDVD as well. Sure MS sells a HDDVD add on for the 360 but Toshiba manufactures that product, MS sold quite a few and will simply stop selling them if HDDVD goes extinct, no skin off MS's back. There is nothing Gates needs to address here. Bill Gates is big on digital downloads so I don't think MS invested much in the disk format anyway, I think the HDDVD add on was a favor to Toshiba, or possibly even a deal, Toshiba probably payed MS to sell the Toshiba add on with the 360 name on it. So don't give me this crap about MS needs to admit a mistake, as usual MS is two steps ahead of eveyone around them, they made their money either way, and they will keep doing so when both formats are dead, digital is the future, and from the looks of the success of it on Xbox live, MS is leading us into the digital download era.

P4KY B4035d ago

Although it would only be for films and not games.

That would take the wind out of Sonys sails. (becuase most people would then see the two consoles as being very similar, unaware that the 360 cant use the BluRay for games)

hotshot1274035d ago

before the impact has been done already. now a bluray add on raises this......

sony really set themselves up good. if microsoft adopts bluray, I GURANTEE you there gonna have to put up some money for sony. and then if they made the add on by early 09, it would cost around 200 bucks or so and the ps3 would be around 300 by that time so the choice would definetely look brighter for the ps3.

also, cost would be able to come down ever faster for the ps3 since its a bluray player and game development will be cheaper since it will be cheaper to produce bluray disk.

but if microsoft doesnt go bluray, then sony is gonna eat up those sales.

so really its win win situation for sony if you think about it.

fanboy or not, you have to admit, this was a very smart move on sonys part.

and YES i know other companies are with bluray also but sony is one of the MAIN companies behind it so its pretty obvious microsoft isnt gonna breakthrough without some deals.

companies also know that microsoft wanted them both to fail anyway and wants digital download so thier gonna really have to do some SERIOUS negotiations.

also if microsoft doesnt adopt bluray, how are they gonna go on to there next system with dvd9?

none of what i said was fanboyism but just facts. so i want to know

unlimited4035d ago

I think the 360 will have a Blu-Ray add on for 300 I feel bad for all HDDVD owners they are wasting all their money just to support something that is dead..

Either way Sony wins!!! Everybody will just switch to the PS3 the cheapest blue ray player that can play GAMES and MOVIES and etc...

barom4035d ago

I honestly don't see why MS would put BD/HDDVD in X360 anyway. It's not like they're gonna allow people to use it for gaming. There is nothing logical as far as business goes.

IntelligentAj4035d ago

Do you realize what that MS would be doing by adopting a Blu-Ray player add-on? They would most likely have to pay Sony licensing fees for the tech and that would be admission that MS lost.

tatotiburon4035d ago

Microsoft will only do a BR drive as an add-on, NOT BUILT-IN, games in DVD9 are perfect right now, remeber the 2007's GOTY, Bioshock (DVD9), Mario Galaxy (DVD5)...but any BR game? NONE! so microsoft can relax on his choice with DVD9. Add-on are just add-on, thye probably make the BR player for customer choice, nothing more.

godofthunder104035d ago

microsoft already said that if br wins it wouldn't be that big of a deal they will just use br but they will support hd dvd till a winner is declared,microsoft said this right after the ps3 was released.
there will be no br or hd dvd drive till the next xbox.if you want to admit it or not microsoft was smart by releasing the 360 1 year ahead of the ps3 and not putting a br or hd dvd drive into the 360 because they neeeded to keep the 360 cheaper then the ps3 to get a good lead and it work.
microsoft said that the 360 will last till 5 or 6 years and dvd-9 will be good for games till then because about %98 of the games that they talk about that's coming out in the next few years will do just fine on the dvd-9 disc.i know that a few games will need more then 1 disc but like i said above it's only a few.
if you think about it with an open mind and with out being bias,you will see that it was a smart move that microsoft made.i know that that ps3 fans will disagree with me but microsoft new that it had to keep the price down on the 360 so they stayed with the dvd-9 drive because it's good enough for another 3 years for games and when they released the new xbox it will have a br drive in it 9 times out of 10 and they still will be able to sell it for around $400 because by that time br would have drop in price and hopefully it will catch on because it's nice to have.
i also know that ps3 fans will disagree with me but the reason that sony put br into the ps3 wasn't for games it was so they could get br players in homes a lot quicker then hd dvd and it was a smart is good to have but truthfully br isn't really need for games for another 3 years because like i said above %98 of the games that's coming out in the next 3 years will be on 1 disc,hell look at all the games that's out now and there is only a few that needed more then 1 disc.
i'm not saying that the ps3 isn't a good system because it is but the 360 is to and they both will be around as long as people want to play games.we know that the ps3 is here to stay but so is the 360,hell it made a profit this year,it took a few years before sony made a profit to,so instead of fighting over systems like a bunch of kids, we need to talk about games because that's what it's really all about.

gogators4035d ago

Anyone in the industry can liscense Blu Ray and if MS wants to liscense Blu Ray, then they can liscense Blu Ray. A varity of companies manufacture Blu Ray drives. Sony may manufacture their own drives, but many of the parts come from different companies. MS can liscense a company to make their drives if they want to spend the money without involving Sony

BrianC62344035d ago

I say Microsoft should stay out of the format war. Why does the 360 need either drive? They released the 360 too soon. Any HD drive will be for movies only. No way will games use it. That would anger 360 owners who don't have the new model. And it would add to the cost of the 360 so why do it? Blu-ray is winning this battle and that's all that matters.

TheTwelve4035d ago

I too don't understand why people are saying that the 360 would just add a Blu-Ray drive add-on. That would be the most clear representation of confusion to consumers.

I think the more likely scenario is that Microsoft will preach about how much they don't need Blu-Ray to make great games, and how you can download HD movies through their marketplace.

Both of these likely statements have some serious issues in them, but Microsoft has the money to say it and make it appear valid.

As for me? I just own a PS3 and am quite content.


aslucher4035d ago

as it may be true that they are a group it is also true that Sony owns some techonologies to be licensed out for blu-ray. this is why the porn industry had such a hard time with blu-ray.

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Primetimebt4035d ago

It was funny seeing him at gamestop.

switch-it4035d ago

Haha, bubbles for you. :D

HarryEtTubMan4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Microbucks got the tools they relaly are....

as for the answer to the Article....

..............DVD9........... ....... HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAA

ActionBastard4035d ago

Bubbles! That was funny as hell.

PlayStation3604035d ago

Aww damn dude. That was a cheap shot. But Bubble+ heading your way for making me fall off my chair. :D

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nice_cuppa4035d ago

now i can download movies in hd (they look just as good to me so don't start the whole its compressed its audio isnt as good blah..blah...bla)

im just sick of having these cases taking up room in my house.

i got over 300 dvd's too and guess selling them too.

chanto234035d ago

STFU!!! now all the xbots jumped into the download media convenient...just face it, 2007 was the last year os the 360, and the next xbox will have blu-ray making it a PS3 lol

nice_cuppa4035d ago

i have a ps3 and 360 and Wii and pc and ds and psp.
how am i an xbot ?

the fact i point out how many blu-ray movies i have in my original post should have given you a hint.

you obviously only have ps3 as you have taken this as some sort of victory ?

i just don't want all the boxes anymore.
now there is an alternative.....i'm taking it.

if you like having shelves full of movies good for you but to attack me and claim i'm an xbot (i assume this is the xbox360 only version of you) is a bit sad.

now how about we get news 4 gamers back on the topic of.........i don't

allatain4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

MS download service is not going to be in HD format, and where exactly are you going to download it into, your MS hard drive which doesn't have enough capacity of the HD download. Not to mention that Half the people in the 360 community probably doesn't have an hard drive because it is just too expensive

Hell most HD download services isn't going to go up until we see a huge proliferation of Fiber Optic

demolitionX4035d ago

guess what? u r a nut case!

nice_cuppa4035d ago

this is the first post google gave me.

their are about 68000 more if you want.

i watched 300 in hd on my 360 yesterday......sorry.

BrianC62344035d ago

Downloading HD movies is for losers. You get what you pay for. You might as well stick with DVDs or just watch on cable. HD movie downloading makes no sense. It takes way too long to download them anyway. Your ISP will see all that activity and disable your connection.

nice_cuppa4035d ago

you don't have to download it all before you can start watching.

look its clear you only have ps3 and have chosen to be a fanboy so i'm probably wasting my time.

oh well.

have fun bud.

gogators4035d ago

it's usually ready to start playing in about 30 seconds. It's nice to download movies that you want to watch and not have to buy it out right. If it's something you'll watch more than once then just buy the disc on Blu Ray or DVD.

BrianC62344035d ago

Maybe you should just stop wasting your time with downloads then and go to pay-per-view. A lot of movies are now out on pay-per-view when they come out on DVD. That would definitely be a lot better than downloading them illegally or on Xbox Live.

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