10 Things About "Kinect Star Wars" That Might Surprise You

Complex: "We spoke with Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda, who worked hand in hand with LucasArts on the development of Kinect Star Wars, to come up with these ten things about the game that you might not expect. Read on, and may the—well, you know the line."

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Krew_922392d ago

Pretty much.

Everything here is mostly opinion.

DigitalRaptor2392d ago (Edited 2392d ago )

Ha! This reads like an ad. Of course it's mostly opinion. Kudo is known for his rash bull****. Not heard from that fella in a while, but he seems not to have changed. Here's the list:

- "The controls are responsive".

- "The story is epic".
lol, sure it is, mr. tsunoda!

- "There's a lot of variety".

- "Familiar scenes can play out in new ways".

- "The gameplay encourages creativity".

- "Faithfulness to Star Wars source material".
Dancing says no.

- "It was developed by Star Wars fans".
LucasArts are Star Wars fans? I would never have guessed.

- "It's inspired by the classics".
Shame that game is not even a scratch on the surface of those classics. probably about as classic as this song:

- "It's better with a friend".
Because laughing at how bad it is must be shared. ;)

- "Things you've never seen before".
Those things should be erased from the history of the world because no Star Wars fan wants to see them.