What ever happened to the American arcade?

In North America, gamers are now generally divided into two distinct generations: those that grew up in the midst of the vibrant video arcade culture of the '70s and '80s; and those born since.

The latter group's experience with arcades is primarily through redemption-machine-filled restaurants like Dave & Busters and maybe a few neglected cabinets at their local movie theater or bowling alley.

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ritsuka6662387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Arcades extinct?nope.they may be diminishing but you just can't kill off the arcades, just because we have powerful home gaming consoles and pc's that enable us to play those games at home.

SnakeCQC2386d ago

paying a quid for a few minutes is always a rip off most people have consoles or pcs that far exceed the archaic machines

neogeo2386d ago

I miss arcades so much. My best memorys. I did not mind spending money on games that looked twice as good as my snes. Street fighter. KI. And on. Real girls would even go there after school. Not nerds, real hot sluts.

JsonHenry2386d ago

^^ I always went for the real hot sluts too. The games were also awesome compared to the consoles we had at home. Once I discovered my PC could play those games though.. not even the sluts got me out of the house anymore.

iceman062386d ago

I think I played Real Hot took me years and damn near my college savings, but I beat that game...oh..wait...TMI!!! Seriously, the arcades were about the social aspect of gaming as much as the games themselves. Texting, Facebook, and Twitter have all but eliminated the need to be social these days (at least with the younger generation). So, it's hard for them to understand the allure of the arcade. However for the arcade generation, nothing can beat the memories of bad food, poor lighting, loud noises, and the smell of nickel permeating your palms as you walk away from a night of gaming...20 quarters lighter...but much happier for the experience.

C_Menz2386d ago

At least in my town we have 2 somewhat large arcades. In the summer(our main tourist season) there is always at least 50 people in them and at times it is packed full. Nothing beats a classic arcade break while you are at the beach for the whole day.

dedicatedtogamers2386d ago

The arcades were awesome not just because of the games (which can now be comfortably played at home), but because of the atmosphere. It was fun to be playing a shmup or a beat 'em up by yourself and then some other kid comes up, drops a quarter, and starts playing with you. It was fun to be watching that SFII cabinet, slapping down a quarter and declaring "I'll take winner" while 5 other people are huddled around the same cabinet, each also wanting to take on the champ.

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The story is too old to be commented.