CVG Gives 6.6/10 To Speedball 2: Tournament

Jon 'Log' Blyth writes:

Speedball isn't a hard game to describe. Futuristic ultraviolent sport: job done. It is, however, difficult to overstate how universally loved it was when it first swung onto the 16-bit computers back in the early '90s."

You may have played the rerelease of the original game on the 360. Disappointing, wasn't it? Disappointing, but a timely nudge from mother reality that nostalgia is an idiot mistress. Kylotonn's game is more fun than that frustrating, hectic, memory fart.

But at this stage, it doesn't quite manage to be anything other than an interesting, glitchy reprise. Our most solemn, sincere advice would be to wait for February's boxed version, when everything could - hopefully - be more stable and friendly.

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MK_Red4029d ago

This could be perfect game for XBLA and PSN. PC isn't the ideal platform for this kind of game IMO.