Devil May Cry HD Collection Review - The Digital Fix

The HD remake is clearly on-trend right about now. Everyone is doing it where they can. Sony started it all with God of War, Naughty Dog followed with Jak and Daxter and Konami have embraced the idea with Metal Gear Solid and Silent Hill. Capcom themselves are familiar with the concept having already released some Resident Evil titles. Devil May Cry is ripe for an update of course. A new game in the series – a re-imagination – is coming later in the year and the genre has been brought right back into the public’s consciousness in recent years with the aforementioned adventures of Kratos, as well as the lovely witch, Bayonetta. It’s such a shame therefore that the end product here is fundamentally flawed in execution and desirability.

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Jake_the_Dog2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Thats pretty harsh.

ignorantsonsof_2388d ago

Don't pay attention to this person. This collection is on par with the GOW collection, they just decided instead of stretching/zooming in on the menus and some of the cutscenes they left them in the original 4/3. The games all run perfectly which is the most important thing for them, and they don't have any color or contrast problems like the Silent Hill collection has. I see those 2 collections as opposites, Silent Hill has a lot of new textures and even new voice acting so they didn't spend as much time getting the game running/looking exactly right and Devil May Cry has no new textures but is pretty much flawless in how it looks otherwise and it runs beautifully.