PixlBit's Journey Review

PixlBit | At its core Journey’s focus is on something we do every day without thinking about it – walking. We walk around our homes, we walk to our cars, and some of us may even walk to where we are going throughout the day. Even those of us who are unable to walk with our legs find some other means of locomotion to trek to and fro. Basic movement to us is like breathing – we do it unconsciously even though it is an important aspect of life. So when I say that Journey is about walking, I am saying that Journey is about something we take for granted. It’s about what happens on our way from point A to point B.

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mushroomwig2391d ago

Hands down, one of the best games on the PSN right now. Well worth every penny.

Perjoss2391d ago

I tried to describe this game to a friend today but then I noticed how hard that would be and no matter how well I described it I would not be able to do it justice, so I just told him it was amazing and it just has to be experienced.

Kos-Mos2391d ago

It started out well and atmospheric. I love games that concentrates on art instead of "shoot shoot" games like me,gears,gow,cod,halo,killzone ,gta. Then it was just a press forward on your controller and close your eyes the rest of the game. I loved flower, but this is a huge disappointment.