Closure Review: A Brilliant Light in the World of Puzzlers - 1Up


Anyone who appreciates the loneliness and isolation in games like Super Metroid and Limbo will fall immediately in love with Closure. Winner of the DICE 2012 Indie Game Challenge, Closure is a puzzle-platformer for PSN that taps into man's primordial fear of the dark in ways which few games has ever quite understood. One of the very first things you're likely to do in the game is walk just beyond a light source and immediately fall to your doom. You see, the world of Closure is sprinkled with light sources that not only illuminate the world, but actually bring it into existence. Step outside the beam of a spotlight or glow of a light bulb, and you'll find yourself tumbling down into a void of nothingness.

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Reminds me of that game with the boy in the black and white game that was an XBL exclusive but eventually came over to PSN...damn why can I not remember it's name... :X