Japanese Hardware and Software Sales for 12/24 - 12/31

Since Media Create probably won't be out until Monday, and leaked Famitsu numbers have been reliable for a long time, here's a sales thread for the weekend.

DSL 195,000
Wii 162,000
PSP 158,000
PS3 49,000
PS2 30,000
360 9,200

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Gaara_7244033d ago

this next gen the 360 is being outsold bye lastgen ummm wheres zhuk's ultament gaming concil now? (yes i spelt some of that rong.. deal with it)

HarryEtTubMan4033d ago (Edited 4033d ago )

Bro the Xbox 360 got outsold by the PS3, PS2 AND PSP for the month of December(Christmas Worldwide) at a 150$ cheaper Price than the PS3... with two games bundles on the premium... and with Halo 2.5, Biochunk and NO Effect just released. THAT SUCKS. Its only the end of year one for the PS3. The PS2 outsold a 260$ 360 in its 7th year... and the PS3 can't beat the Crusty Cardboardbox? HAHAHAHAHAHA Keep telling yourself that XBOTS

Bladestar you say the same things and no one cares... The Xbox 360 just lost in December to all 3 Sony systems^^^^ think about that. Halo just released. Its cheapp like the Wii now. PEOPLE DON'T WANT THE XBOX 360. It will not become mainstream. It will lose.

Bladestar4033d ago

You have to be more specific.... you have to say it this way....

this next gen the american 360 is being outsold bye lastgen japanese...

The xbox 360 failed in japan years before it was released... and any american console will fail in japan...

Let me fix it a little.. japanese people by default prefere japanese consoles... since they are prompt to get the games they want..

In other for the xbox 360 to win in japan there has to be nothing like it provided by any japanese company... for example mcdonnals... ipods... these are unique products way ahead of what japanese people produce within it's category... now the PS3 and the xbox 360 are way too similar and for the most part get the same games... why would they pick a foreign product when probably even the warranty is better for the PS3 there? I was in japan I pick the PS3 by default... the same way Germans prefer than own cars... japan prefer their own cars... nothing wrong with that. You are acting surprised... I find that interesting... it may be a sign of your wisdom.

Regret4033d ago

If something's good, it'll sell no matter where it comes from. Japanesse use Windows, you know, and it's not even good.

Close_Second4033d ago

Utter rubbish. Go and ask 50 of the top American businessman if breaking into the Japanese market is difficult and they will say yes. The Japanese have always been extremely loyal to their own however, they are being slowly westernized in terms of lifestyle choices.

Many businesses fail to gain a foothold in the Japanese market because they are not sympathetic enough to the cultural differences.

The 360 was never going to be a hit in Japan, not when they have the choice of two local products (i.e. Nintendo, Sony) which know that market inside out. The only way Microsoft will break into the Japanese market is if works on a deal with Sony to release a unified next-gen console to supersede the PS3 and 360.

However, just like the PS3 does not need to win the American market to survive the 360 does not need to win the Japanese market.

Tsukasah4033d ago

For once.. bladestar made a valid point. Dare I say it, but he gets a bubble! =O!!! Anyways, it is true that the Japanese don't want an American console. The XBox was doomed from day 1 in Japan. Also, if the stereotype is true then Asians are smart so we should follow in their footsteps xDDDD!!!! Lol, that was just a joke DONT TAKE ANY BUBBELZ! I lost one just because I told some guy to shut the [email protected] up because in every PS3 news he'd post that nobody was buying them and he took pics of the PS3s at best buy and said the 360s were sold out.. yadda yadda.. I wouldnt mind having an extra bubble! :DDDD Also, the guys name was lawman(insert number here) if i remember correctly. Anyways, heres a bubble bladestar. You deserve it for actually making a valid point without flaming any other console really.

tatotiburon4033d ago

and the PS3 is being outsold by portable system and a console wich looks like a gamecube 1.5...what do you have to say about that dozzy724? in japan where SONY was the never did well in japan and never will...but SONY was the king and now the king is dead and NINTENDO took bakc the twrone.

Bathyj4033d ago

I didnt read all of Bladestars reply. It sounded like thousands he's written before and I'm easily bored. Thats why I dont play my XB that much anymore. (Sorry, if I didn't take a shot, I would have left myself open for a shot, you understand.)

I did get the gist of it however, and by his own rational he must admit if what he says is true than Americans only like XB because its American. Sorry you cant have in both ways.

And what does that say about the rest of the world who dont have their own homegrown console to barrack for. Surely they are allowed to pick for themselves which they truly believe to be the best without National Pride clouding their feelings.

Just curious, which console is selling the most in all but a couple countries again?

Lifendz4033d ago

did 30,000 PS2s sell in Japan? You'd think the whole country had that thing by now. Oh and MS should really just call it quits in Japan and focus on the US and Europe.

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hotshot1274033d ago

now yes, thats really bad but compared to 3000............yea.

now if the ps3 were the same price as the 360, the ps3 would probably be selling around 80,000 a week over there.

TANOD4033d ago

The mediacrate numbers wont be published this week

TANOD4033d ago

DMC4 is quite a huge game in Japan

BUT again we will see

Polluted4033d ago

Does anyone else find it weird that DMC is so big over there? Considering the types of games most Japanese gamers seem to like DMC just doesn't seem like it would be their style. I guess the story is just off the wall enough to make up for the western style of play.

niall774033d ago

....but what it will do to the 360

Devr4033d ago

Not much, just like what happened with Dynasty warriors would be my guess.

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