OXM: Kinect Star Wars Review

This is exactly as much fun as it looks in the adverts. You get the feeling there's a germ of an idea for a great Kinect Arcade game here, but in its current format, it's as shallow as it is entertaining. There's not much to pull you back into the game, unless you've got a child-like love of repetition. Which, let's face it, a lot of children do have.

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dedicatedtogamers2391d ago

Ouch. Even OXM? I guess we gotta wait for...huh, what's the next "core" game that is supposed to make Kinect worth it? Steel Battallion? At least that game supposedly is a Kinect/controller hybrid.

darthv722391d ago

less dancing and more action. Better yet, I wish sega would release their SW arcade game they made a few years back. That one is fun to play when it comes to light saber duels.

dedicatedtogamers2391d ago

The one with the joysticks and where you flew the X-Wing? Heck yeah! That game was sick!

waltyftm2391d ago

That game was amazing, still waiting for the Dreamcast port :(

NYC_Gamer2391d ago

Kinect will never be able to deliver on that core experience l

soundslike2391d ago (Edited 2391d ago )

maybe if they didn't cut costs on the hardware and there wasn't ridiculous input lag...just maybe

but even then, Kinect is still the biggest joke this generation. The only thing Kinect proves is that people will buy anything if enough money is thrown at advertising.

Ashunderfire862391d ago

I agree 100 percent lol!!! Kinect is useless, and this is the reason why I am going to get PS4 first. Microsoft is still gonna put too much focus on Kinect for their Next Xbox. Move and the Wii controller is much better than this crap. At least these controllers can play FPS shooters and etc, not just on rail shooters!!!! Don't be surprise with 360 this years E3, cause its nothing but Kinect and Xbox Live games with the only thing great is Halo 4. big whoop!!!! As for PS3/PS vita expect many exclusives to be announced!!!

brettyd2391d ago

Flailing your arms around, pretending your hand is a gun, pretending you're holding an invisible steering wheel...will never be cool.

Drekken2391d ago

Kinect will never be able to deliver /FIFY

ironmonkey2391d ago

took this long to get the first bad rating. it still looks clunky and awkward.