Wish List: 10 Things I Want the Next Xbox to Do

GameDynamo - "With E3 essentially around the corner, rumors abound that Microsoft will be unveiling their next offering in the videogame marketplace for convention goers to ooh and aw over. Or will they? Before we get there, I just wanted to share with you 10 handy dandy additions or features I would like the next Xbox console to have."

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ardivt2484d ago

I want the next xbox to be more powerful than the wii u :D

dark-hollow2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

Here's my top wishes for the nextbox

-powerful hardware obviously.
-higher capacity disks no less than 80 GB.
-more exclusives and new ips.
-rechargeable controllers out of the box.
-better launch titles (360 launch titles were mostly ps2 games with upgraded graphics)
-free online.
-BC with 360 games.
-better UI that isn't infested with ads.
-sleek reliable design.
-new controller? Idk I love this one but change doesn't hurt especially for the best.
-internet browser.

Gildarts2484d ago

DON'T give them any ideas, they should stay as far away from the controller design as possible.

360 controller is 99% done just make it rechargeable out of the box like ps3(I think?)and you got 100% perfection.

Gildarts2484d ago

recent developers comments suggest that its even less powerful, then the 360 and ps3, it only has higher native resolution.

dark-hollow2484d ago

"recent developers comments"

You mean recent anonymous tip from a source we don't know anything about.

GAMExxOVER2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

A large SSD for extremely fast Load times.

Perjoss2484d ago

I would not hold your breath for that, large SSD drives are still too expensive sadly.

GAMExxOVER2483d ago

yes, they are expensive compared to Hard Drives, but once you purchase a SSD, you will never go back to HDD and a SSD purchase is one I never regreted, and I feel performace/dollar, it comes out much cheaper than a HDD.

maniacmayhem2484d ago

Oops, I thought this list was going to be serious.

One of my many things I wish the nxtbox would do is play heart or lastfm in the background while I play a game. That would be nice.

Angrymorgan2484d ago (Edited 2484d ago )

That's a good idea
Multiple windows would be nice so i could run a game along with a browser or app

Gildarts2484d ago

No multiple windows is a bad idea, its not a PC, just make it possible to run some apps that are usefull in the background like last FM or Zune and done.

GAMExxOVER2483d ago

I would like the new system to have an easy access panel for routine maintenance such as cleaning out dust bunnies, without voiding the warranty.