Mass Effect 3's Eight Funniest Moments

There has been a lot of whining and complaining about Mass Effect 3. It's about time gamers started talking about the good parts. Check out this list of humorous and lighthearted moments from the most controversial game of the year.

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sphinct4260d ago

Finally! A Mass Effect 3 story that isn't complaining about the ending! I loved some of these moments myself.

Controversy4260d ago

Here here! These are classics. Nice to see the whole game being discussed, not just the ending.

zeal0us4260d ago

Am I the only one wanted to see Mordin and a chorus of Salarians singing?

Nimblest-Assassin4259d ago

Tali: So your a real living prothean? Javik: Opposed to a fake dead one? Javik= the galaxy's ultimate troll :D

TheSleepyGamer4260d ago (Edited 4260d ago )

Certainly a nice change of pace from all the hate going around.

Perjoss4260d ago

"my name is Garrus Vakarian, and this is now my favorite spot on the citadel"

made me lol pretty hard.

pat_11_54260d ago

Garrus is my homeboy. We go way back.

AIndoria4260d ago

Sad that you didn't add "I should go."
But Garrus and Tali....Heh. Never expected that.

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Mass Effect 3 remade and remastered in gigantic mod for Bioware’s RPG

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Mass Effect 3, BioWare’s staple space RPG, originally had an ending which would dovetail into a fourth game in the main series, says one ex-studio writer

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-Foxtrot507d ago

I mean they had that ending with Shepard breathing, gasping for air in the rubble, but they never elaborated on it which is a shame because I thought the expanded ending they did would have given us more

anast506d ago

ME 3 felt like patchwork. I enjoyed the world design better in ME1 and the story of ME 2, but ME 3 lost me. It wasn't that good. I actually prefer Andromeda over ME 3.

QuarkZ506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

My face is tired just reading your comment

anast506d ago

Nice. You might need a nap after that one.

Ashunderfire86506d ago


You didn’t get the reference?

Well I guess your face is tired to think also 🙃

MontyeKristo505d ago

I didn't get it; what's it from?

Ashunderfire86501d ago


That reference is from Mass Effect Andromeda. One NPC lady said her face is tired 😴 and it became a meme the internet took notice!

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HollowIchigo25506d ago

I am willing to criticize ME3 all day long
but don't compare it to the abomination that is Andromeda. Andromeda almost killed the Mass Effect franchise. It's one of the worst games Bioware made and if it weren't for Anthem it would have been THE worst.

anast506d ago (Edited 506d ago )

I just compared it. Bioware/EA did an extremely poor job with ME 3, the story was okay even the ending, but the game itself is not good. The Citadel felt claustrophobic with a loading screen to push through the next small space. It was jarring and it took me out of the game. It felt like EA trimmed everything down to save money. The fact that it was nominated for a GOTY just shoes how long game journalism has been corrupt.

If we are to mention bugs, then every game of recent memory is okay or below save a few outliers.

Lastly, almost every single game in gaming has sucky writing and dialogue, so we can't really hold that against Andromeda or ME 3 either. The bar for any kind of literary art is set really low in games. There are some outliers that reach acceptable levels but for the most part game writing is in a horrible state.

Pocahontas506d ago

I loved Andromeda except for all the virtue signalling

HollowIchigo25506d ago

Mass Effect 3 was a better game, period. Citadel wasn't great? ok but the rest of the game was fun. ALL the priority missions in ME3 were good, Tushanka, Palaven , etc were great . The whole *feel* of the earth being invaded and having to bring everyone together to defend it was amazing. Even the DLC like Leviathan and Omega are better than everything in Andromeda. Please tell me what is better in Andromeda? which mission/part stood out for you?