New Tomb Raider Underworld Screens

Computer Bild Spiele has released three new screenshots showcasing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Underworld. The scenes showcase the immersive and epic environment set to challenge Lara Croft as she traverses the globe like never before in a search to unlock the mystery of the Mayan calendar and to uncover a portal between mortal and underworld.

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Equinoxe_74573d ago

Yeah, I think you didn´t got your fix today, badmouthing a Playstation 3 game, keep on the good work.

InMyOpinion4573d ago (Edited 4573d ago )

This game is multi. In what way is that badmouthing a PS3 game?

MaximusPrime4573d ago

looks like scenes from xbox 360. (lol)

not as good as Uncharted

TheExecutive4573d ago

Uncharted makes this game look... well... PS2ish...

aggh im on fire4573d ago

Uncharted looks better but i bet this sells a lot more.

Bladestar4573d ago

lol... wow... Sony fanboys are reaching a new level now... the attacks are not only against xbox 360 games but pretty much any games that's not made by Sony (1st party)... guys... no need to flame this game since you are going to get it on the PS3 too!
Why do you have to mention Encharted on this article for? well.. to be honest I kind of expected it... one thing is certain though... Tomb Raider will rape encharted in terms of sells... what do you have to say about that? sadly for you... PS3 1st party games are not the one currently leading the PS3... games like COD4 and AC which are also available on the xbox 360 are the ones keeping the PS3 alive... take those 3rd party games away from the PS3 and what do you have?
So, stop hating on the things you don't have to... just because Encharted has some similarities to Tomb Raider... it does not mean you have to hate it... Sony fanboys...

If you don't want it don't buy it... seriously... You sony fanboys to do not deserve 3rd party developers to bother making a game for the PS3... you only care and talk possitives about games that the developers say something against the xbox 360 like epic... or when you get some exclusive or time exclusive game... once is released on the xbox 360 then you hate it.... which is why you are fanboys... Sony fanboys...

Devr4573d ago

So basically Ps3 fans hate every game that is released on 360 but Assassin's Creed and COD4 are the best selling Ps3 games.

Okay dude, whatever you say...

GIJeff4573d ago

i think the PS3 mob has a good point. After all, it was the 360 mob who kept telling us "uncharted looks like tomb raider, blah blah" now we can tell you that tomb raider will probably never look like uncharted. You are a damn fool.

InMyOpinion4573d ago

I got attacked by saying it looks dated. In what way is that an attack on the PS3?

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The story is too old to be commented.