Now Playing on PS3: Amazon Instant Video

We’ve seen the PlayStation 3 evolve in some pretty impressive ways over the years. Besides playing some of the best games seen this generation, the console is a multimedia beast. Multiple video services have been added, including Netflix, Hulu, Video Unlimited, CinemaNow, Vudu, and more. Now, you can include Amazon’s veritable Instant Video service to that list. - PSLS

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T3mpr1x2390d ago

I don't really use Instant Video that much, but maybe this'll encourage me to make use of a portion of my Prime membership that I get anyway...

vickers5002390d ago

Same here. I've always liked the idea, but I never had the interest to watch it on my computer screen. I may actually use it now that its on ps3.

jjb19812390d ago

I have prime, so yeah, ill use it.