TheParanoidGamer Review: Silent Hill HD Collection

TheParanoidGamer writes: "Konami backtracks to two of their most beloved releases which brings long time fanatics back to the good old days and introduces new comers to a very peculiar style of gaming. While the enhancements are clear (although not all successful), the overall feel of the game is a nostalgic approach to what the horror genre was all about 11 years ago."

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Mr Tretton2479d ago

Any word if Konami is going to release a patch that actually works?

Blacktric2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

They said they are working hard on another patch to solve all the issues but I wouldn't hold my breath. That sonofabitch Tom Hullet was acting all friendly and talking like a true Silent Hill fan in all of the videos and interviews and then managed to turn two classic games into a steaming pile of horse sh*t and I have no idea how he managed to do it. So I'm not holding my breath because I know eventhough they fix one thing or two, the other issues like fog distance in most areas and untouched subtitles that doesn't fit the new voice overs that has extra lines and most importantly; edited scenes like Pyramid Head's rape scene and also the new ambient songs used in certain areas like the mall in Silent Hill 3 (which is changed to just some Punk Rock crap) won't be corrected... I mean how in the holy mother of God they managed to pull all these horrible decisions off is beyond me.