Battlefield 3 Ultimate Shortcut DLC For Xbox 360, Costs More Than The Game Itself

Techtorial: Tired of leveling your character just to unlock weapons on Battlefield 3? Well, there's an easy solution! Right now, Xbox 360 players can also join the fun of paying the "ultimate shortcut bundle" to unlock all guns, including vehicle upgrades and more.

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dazzrazz2442d ago

Thanks to imbeciles who buy similar unlocks in many different games , we will see more and more shit like this...

F7U122442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

That price is just f**king ridiculous I can't believe a company would dare charge that much for unlocks.

Actually BF3 for xbox is going for $32 D::D

Hufandpuf2442d ago

if it was lower do you know how many people would buy it. It's a high price for a reason. If you dont have time or patience to unlock guns for a class it's reasonable. YOU CAN UNLOCK EVERYTHING IN GAME, YOU DONT HAVE TO PAY.