Sony Downplays Xbox 360 1080p Upgrade

SCEA's recently appointed senior director of corporate communications has downplayed Microsoft's Xbox 360 1080p announcement, and also shrugged off the console's HD-DVD drive.

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zonetrooper55859d ago

Well this is going to happen, Sony will bash MS and MS will bash Sony. They're no better than each other.

Tyrant 8 RDFL5859d ago

5 years ago when we as gamers werent that aware of the gaming industry and it's specs. We would feed into this,but his comments and facts are weak and have no effect on 360 games and the space a game needs. Games now already have enough space. Damn hom much longer do we need Oblivion to be. He forgot to mention how expensive it is to make a game on the PS3 and how much games will cost. Come on man u insult us with your weak comments. The whole break down is much bigger than just more data space, and 1080p is comes down to GAMEPLAY period.

Captain Tuttle5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

Of course this was inevitable...Get ready for the fireworks.

Donkey Slayer5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

""It's unfortunate that Microsoft's external HD-DVD drive will not enhance the experience at all for the gamer,” he wrote. “Sony realizes that to truly take gaming into the next generation requires a larger data format for both games and movies. PS3 uses the Blu-ray format for gaming, giving developers 50GB of high-definition storage on a single disc, while Microsoft's 9GB DVD gaming format is an obstacle for storing HD content.”
Developers like Itagaki , Starbreeze, EA, etc agree with this however. I've read plenty of other developers greatful for having more space, and plenty of complaints for not having enough. Not always needed, but definitely beneficial.

I would have gladly paid $100 more for HD-DVD to be included from day for my 360.

andy capps5859d ago

I might have actually thought about getting a 360 at launch if it had an HD-DVD drive included for gaming.

It's about time Sony pointed out the differences in the Xbox 360 being able to upscale games to 1080p (which any 1080p tv will do anyway), versus the PS3 being able to output a native 1080p resolution. Sony's PR machine should have spun into motion when MS announced this, maybe they're integrating it into Kutaragi's keynote, but it seems like they should be hitting back hard and explaining the difference.

TheXgamerLive5859d ago

Put it on two disc.s, 2 DVD's, ohhhh,ahhhh. Difficult huh?

Blu ray is a joke and not needed at all, ever!! I don't want a directors commentary of the making of and waste storage for that crap.

achira5858d ago

xgamer cd was a joke to ? oh i forgot you would to change 100 diskettes if you want to play a game. you are a total moron, you cant stop the evelution.

pRo loGic II5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

All in due time Sony fanboys. I agree with games will need more space MS will worry about that next gen lol.

DJ5859d ago (Edited 5859d ago )

And there's a lot of developers that agree with what they're saying (including the guy in charge of Team Ninja). There's nothing wrong with having 6x more storage space than DVD, and next-gen games with HD graphics, huge worlds, and crisp sound quality need that space more than ever.

If you're arguing for PCs not needing it, that's for PC games only. It's an entirely different platform. Fact is that game devs have been begging for more space, and Sony's giving them the means to achieve their goals with fewer restrictions whether you like it or not.