OPM: Devil May Cry HD Collection PS3 review

In terms of timing, it makes perfect sense. With the reboot not far away, remind people why they love the DMC series by polishing the first three games up and releasing them in this season’s must-have accessory: the HD collection. Mr Marketing Man, have a lollipop. Or a new Audi. Trouble is, this trio is more likely to convince people that their memories are about as reliable as a National Rail timetable than have them dropping everything to get their DmC pre-order in.

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Scarfy2390d ago

I was never that bothered by DMC, myself. I always felt that God of War did a far, far better job with similar gameplay elements.

Simon_Brezhnev2390d ago

Yeah DMC1 is my favorite out the series. When GOW 1st came out i coudnt even get into DMC series like i use too.

fei-hung2390d ago

Although both are in the hack and slash genre, to me atleast both play very differently. Imo, DMC has always had a lot more emphasis on the combat and being able to string together combos. GoW has awesome combat, but i dont think it has ever been as varied as DMC. The weapons never much much difference. GoW has had more focus on the story, graphics and the scale of the set pieces.

Sutle differences which make both games different yet brilliant at the same time, although in the same genre.

dark-hollow2390d ago (Edited 2390d ago )

Try it dude. IMO the combat is much better and much challenging too. Actually both have their ups and their downs, but I'll take DMC anyday.

But whatever you do, avoid DMC 2 like a plague!

fei-hung2390d ago

Biggest pack of crap review. I understand its an opinion, but it is hypocritical to say the least.

Whrn the PoP series, Sly series and Jak series were released in HD, the same wasnt said and all 3 games have had new HD games released in their genre which play very similarly, yet this arguement never came up.

I just replayed DMC1 on a PSN and DMC3 and both games were a joy to play. Yes, the graphics looked dated, but so do the graphics on ICO and SotC yet they never got penelised the same way this trilogy did.

I respect it's an opinion but the problem with this opinion is the facts which dont add up. I wont be surprised if the same reviewer hails the rebooted NT DMC as the great new and improved DMC.