Top Tuesday: More games with bad endings

Though it's gotten the most attention, Mass Effect 3 isn't the first good game to get flack for borking it's ending. It happens all the time and for various reasons. Sometimes, like Mass Effect it fails from story perspective, other times, its thanks to underwhelming design choices. But what ever the reason, bad endings have been a part of gaming since the beginning. Possible spoilers ahead.

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granthinds2389d ago

Ah yes, so there are more games that should get more hate than Mass Effect. It's about time.

Choc_Salties2388d ago

I thought HL2's ending was appropriate, and very much inline with the previous games. For the most part, Blue Shift did have a (reasonably) conclusive ending, everything else had the "suspended" ending. Fine by me.

aliengmr2388d ago

Seeing as how HL2 wasn't the confirmed end of the series it was fine.

Funny thing is...

all still better than ME3's ending.

DesVader2388d ago

LOL, not suprised that ME3 ending came up in this discussion :)