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An unfortunate side-effect of the original Xbox’s growing pains is that many of the previous generations’ top franchises stayed Sony-exclusive. The advent of HD Collections has been a godsend, but the Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil updates couldn’t be thorough enough to present an entire saga. Thankfully, fans drawn in by Dante’s Xbox 360 debut in 2008’s Devil May Cry 4 and eagerly anticipating his reboot in this year’s DmC can take in his entire backstory thanks to the Devil May Cry HD Collection. While it’s mostly cause for celebration, it does sandwich one of the worst sequels ever between two classics.

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DMC in HD yep that's a no brainer lol

Lord_Sloth2392d ago

Still upset that the pre-rendered scenes were merely stretched out making them look even worse on my TV than they did on my PS2...

thereapersson2392d ago

So what you are saying is that this also suffers from the problem that all the other HD remakes have, which is poor resolution scaling?

I was about to buy the God of War collection until I read about all the funky resolution problems. I would love to play this game in 720p, but not if it's going to look weird on my TV set.

NovusTerminus2392d ago

Only certain scene's look bad. The game, and most of the cut scenes looks great. In DMC3 I think there are 6 prerendered scenes.

So, while frustrating, it does not effect the entire game.

dark-hollow2392d ago

Only cut scenes.
Gameplay is clean and textures are very sharp.

Lord_Sloth2392d ago

What they said. Didn't mean to mislead you there. Only certain scenes have that issue. 1 of which is my favorite scene in DMC3.

thereapersson2392d ago

Thanks for the clarification. I might still consider this title. The first DMC is still to this day one of the best videogames ever made, IMO.

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ThanatosDMC2392d ago

They did the same thing on the PC version when it came out. I wasnt surprised at how lazy Capcom is for quick $$$. He'll i bought DMC3 four times (DMC3, DMC3SE, DMC3 on steam, DMCHD).

Those bastards know we like Capcom games.