Twinfinite: Has Style Become Substance?

It was theorized, going into this console generation, that what would see is not more complex gaming but sharper visuals. While this was not necessarily a positive remark, many would argue that it has come true, and it is knowing this that I have begun to accept the idea that we may finally be in an era where style really has triumphed over substance.

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dedicatedtogamers2442d ago

I'm sure I'll catch flak, but the main reason for this is due to one thing: so-called "creative vision". There's not a lot of room for creativity when you're making complex environmental destruction in your engine, or when you're putting out super-hi-res textures, or when you're running hundreds of enemies on the screen (all things we THOUGHT we were going to get in this generation). Nope. Developers would rather be "creative" and play Hollywood.

Hey, I like a good story. I like a good art direction. But I still want the actual mechanics of gaming to advance, and we're still stuck in 2007.

dc12442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

How do you improve mechanics beyond what was presented this gen?

(Outside of brain response relay or ...simply auto play)

dedicatedtogamers2442d ago

Bigger maps, better physics, better enemy AI (Rage comes to mind), more enemies on screen, more diversity of gameplay packed into one game("back in the day" the concept of a FPS/RPG wasn't possible due to hardware constraints), and so forth. Like I said, game mechanics as a whole have been stagnant since 2007, or perhaps when CoD4 Modern Warfare came out.

dc12442d ago

Ok - I got you. You're talking about in-game assets.
And I agree.
However we did get a preview into what is to come.
MAG brought us 200+ MP maps with pretty large real-estate to play on. I have to assume that this will be the norm in the future. Enemy AI, flanking logic has been very impressive within the Uncharted series as well as BatMan AC. Again, I think this too will be the norm in the future.

Indigo1232442d ago

twenwy is one amazing rpg

dc12442d ago

Loved No more heroes and Asura's wrath!

Godmars2902442d ago

Nevermind No More heroes as an example, ME3 should prove style has *NOT* replaced substance.