Help yourself to 100 free wallpapers for your PS Vita

Fancy pimping your PS Vita today? Good. Pocket Gamer has created 100 high-res wallpapers for Sony's portable powerhouse, featuring our favourite games, characters, franchises, and logos, all ready to go on your favourite handheld.

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tarbis2388d ago

woot! more wallpapers =D

SandWitch2388d ago

These are just a boring pictures. I have made few custom wallpapers for PS Vita's start screen (unlock screen) if anyone is interested. You can check them out at

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Those are actually pretty good. Loving the doodle one lol

SandWitch2388d ago

I may make some more in the future ;)

pneboy2388d ago

no thanks, you can keep your wallpapers
im fine using these awesome ones

Caemgen2388d ago

Thanks for linking to my wallpapers! :)
Glad you like 'em.

Here's a direct link:

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