Techtroid gives Mass Effect 3 The Final Verdict

The first thing that needs saying is a fact which Techtroid believe has been far too easily overlooked in all of the controversy surrounding that ending recently: no matter what your thoughts are on the way in which the narrative ends, the preceding twenty or so hours will provide you with some of the best experiences in video game entertainment of 2012, if not of this entire generation.

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Hellsvacancy2442d ago

10/10? i honestlty thought ME2 was better, i didnt play ME1 but from what ive been told i would of liked that game even more

ME3 was alright, i wish i hadnt of bought it new, not coz of the lame endin, i thought it was gonna be bigger, other than the Citadel you dont really go anywhere else

Doesnt deserve 10/10 imo

AusRogo2442d ago

I loved mass effect 2 more also, but I dont regret buying mass effect 3. Its still a great game, just some things could have been done better.

crxss2442d ago (Edited 2442d ago )

everything up until the end was pretty amazing. don't like the whole crucible part (deus ex machina), especially how they don't explain the device at all.

i also don't like how none of your decisions really have drastic outcomes. e.g. - mission with grunt/rachni queen, same missions it just gets replaced with other characters.

TekoIie2442d ago

As i always say NO game deserves a 10/10 and to give it that score is to imply there is NO problem with the game whatsoever.

This game defo deserves a 9/10 max since it is very good. Shame EA had to do day 1 DLC which was part of the origional game (btw they cant disprove that at all). They really fuck up every franchise they publish.

thetrugamer2442d ago

upon reflection the game isn't actually that good, its very easy to get caught up in hype, its a 7 at best

Trenta272442d ago

I loved the game wrapping up everything, but it's not a 10. I had a much better time in ME2. This game was rushed way too much. EA FTW...Not.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2442d ago

This game is freaking boring. I liked ME2 but this game is not a 10 or an 8.5 even. And the sad thing is that it only gets good reviews because it's Mass effect. I just hope I can muster the strength to beat it so I can see why everyone hates the ending. Got the game at launch and still only 16 hours in.

MrMushroom2442d ago

one of the best reviews i read on it, but not quite sure of the 10

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The story is too old to be commented.