Eurogamer gives 9/10 to Metal Slug 3: 'a massively detailed epic'

Metal Slug 3 is neither a short nor a complex game, but a massively detailed epic in the classic arcade style - a vision of what the coin-op's silver age could have looked like had it come along ten years later. The fourth game in SNK's much-lauded series (following on from 1, 2 and X), it was a bold move from the start when the developers pushed ahead into the new millennium with a 2D hand-drawn platform shooter. Fortunately for SNK, the sheer weight of high-octane passion that permeates every jagged pixel of this NeoGeo classic ensured it stood proud amidst the sea of 3D games it was born into.

And this hasn't changed - Metal Slug 3 once again gets the dust blown off its noble cartoon graphics and emerges as an unforeseen champion of another gaming realm. This time it's reminded us that a Live Arcade game doesn't have to be a two-minute retro-revival; it can be a lengthy, wonderfully gruelling adventure of non-stop violence and mature, yet cartoony circus of balletic destruction.

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MK_Red4030d ago

This is why I don't like Eurogamer. They give 8 and 7 to games that are much better but end up with 9 for not so grand titles. Metal Slug 3 on XBLA is good but it lacks some bonus modes and is rather light on content and lasting appeal. It's good but not 9/10 goot IMO.

InMyOpinion4030d ago

I think it should have been in HD as well, hi-res textures. No one wants to see lo-res 2D textures in this generation. It's a good co-op shooter but as you pointed out very light in lasting appeal.

Dark_Vendetta4030d ago

I remember them giving Mass Effect a 8, and this game can't be better than Mass Effect, so I agree with you

wageslave4030d ago

You dont like it because they gave a good score to an Xbox 360 game.

Get lost.

Keowrath4030d ago

Wageslave, your own coveted Metacritic hasn't scored MS3 higher than 80 on any format. If the game doesn't try to add something more (Hidef sprites) and has impossible achievements, why oh why should it score anything higher?

Metal Slug is a great series, I've owned them (1-6) on pretty much all consoles I've had including the NeoGeo but it's not a huge game neither does it have huge lasting appeal.

You just think it should be a 9 or 10 because it's on Xbox.

MK_Red4029d ago

They gave 8 to both Gears of War and Mass Effect.

Good comment Keowrath. I haven't played all of Metal Slugs and few that I tried on PSP compaliation were fun but this one is indeed not a 9/10 game and lacks real lasting appeal specially considering lack of bonus modes.

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big04030d ago

I beat this game on gametap last night its still fun like it was back in the day but once you beat you may not play it again and the 360 achievements are ridiculous if not impossible.

Xbrainer4030d ago

the game was alright but i still play worms more than any other arcade game

Mr PS34030d ago (Edited 4030d ago )

Now this game is on a par with so called other AAA titles for the xbox like Halo 2.crud, Bioshite and Mass Defect and gears of yawn !!!
Wow i'm just glad i aint subjected to this kind of gaming,And the bots will always wonder why other genuine gamers question the honesty of the score's xbox games get !! And this site aint even considered to be a bill gate's,microsuck ass kissing site (lets just wait until them reviews come through)
I'm baffeled how this 8 year old game gets a score that puts it in the same leuge as Halo,biocack,gears of piss poor and mass b*llocks well there can only be one conclusion Your so called AAA games are infact not AAA games and have just been shown for what thay really are Very Overated,Extreamly Overscored and for sure not AAA games that you bots keep barking on about if Metal slug 3 gets a 9
Enjoy your so called AAA game's bots cause on the PS3 we deserve and we recieve much better games than this! We actually recieve next gen games !! Hang your head in shame xbums this week goes from bad to worse for the bots and i am laughing my ass off

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The story is too old to be commented.