Computer games 'affecting children'

Violent and addictive computer games are making children more aggressive and luring youngsters into a fantasy world, it has been suggested.

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The Meerkat4495d ago

Do they affect them more than Aspartame, E numbers, High sugar diets, Sodium Nitrate and bad parenting.

I don't think so.

fear884495d ago

Actually why don't we put a law in punishing the parents for letting their 4 year old play CoD? I mean its not like the child has a disposable income and pays for the internet and the power. Stop trying to buy an electronic nanny. Stop giving kids whatever they want because they say. Start being real parents with ACTUAL BOUNDARIES and CONSEQUENCE. Give your child some ***king time and attention.

AtomicGerbil4495d ago

I submitted this article to illustrate the unbearable state of media reporting. Once again somebody claims that violent games cause violent behaviour and continue blame the games themselves when it's quite clearly a parenting issue.

Remember, these games have age recommendations for a reason.

limewax4495d ago (Edited 4495d ago )

It never ends. For as long as there are video games, there will always be atrocious parents looking to blame anything they can rather than dealing with the situation themselves. Because at the end of a day, they're just too damn lazy to take responsibility

cyborg69714495d ago

What are you saying? That games do cause violence in young children? And the reason is parenting? Do you have children? If not then you have no ground to pass such judgments. If you do, then what is your stance? Are games making monsters? Or are parents so disconnected that they could care less about what they're doing as long as they (parents) are left alone.

Non children having people have no clue what goes into being a competent parent. And therefore no ground to say shit about them. It's a cop out. So if you don't have any kids stfu, until you have some. I'm so sick of hearing this shit from kids. Oh you didn't raise them right, its your fault. Well I guess some of you will find out soon enough.

As for games causing any ill effects on developing children. I doubt it. It's just another witch hunt like music in the eighties and comics in the fifties. The quakery that is psychology has done little to sway my opinion. The reason is because I'm the case study, I grew up with the game industry. And the only thing that makes me violent is hearing this crap come out every month. Baseless claims with no evidence to back the accusations. It's all speculation.

AtomicGerbil4495d ago

Your comment was a little insulting to say the least.

Yes I do have children, and yes I do care about what they are exposed to, although I do think that some games are judged incorrectly when it comes to age ratings. Take Borderlands for example, I thought that an 18 rating a little over the top.

As for violent media causing violent behaviour, I think the whole topic is utter bull. Anybody that is going to be violent have deep rooted problems to start with, coupled with society losing it's ability to punish bad behaviour properly (thanks to government policies).

What my comment was meant to convey (which clearly I didn't do) was that the media continue their witch hunt on the entertainment industry when their first port of call should be to educate parents so kids aren't playing games they shouldn't be so this kind of article doesn't pop up so often.

Additionally governments have a responsibility to deal with an ever increasing lawless society, which I believe is the root cause of all these problems.

AtomicGerbil4495d ago

Just to clarify, the comments I've made above are based on the UK.

mushroomwig4495d ago

So what about films? TV shows? Books? All those other forms of media that feature violence? Why is it always video games that get attacked?

Video games use the rating system for a reason, if children are getting their hands on violent games then it's up to the parents to do some parenting and stop that.

Guitardr854495d ago

Yeah because I'm sure
Cain and Abel played soooo many video games!!!

b00mFargl34495d ago

They did. Its in the Bible.

Tzuno4495d ago

stupidity affecting humanity.

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