Kinect Star Wars: Not a Hardcore Game

GameBandits: "And the award for stating the obvious goes to Mr. Glenn Gregory, Senior Product Manager at Terminal Reality – the developers of Kinect Star Wars. As if it wasn’t immediately obvious from the very first trailer and their entire marketing strategy, Gregory has dropped the bombshell that Kinect Star Wars is not aimed at the hardcore gaming market."

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Chaostar2388d ago

May 13, 2011

June 6, 2011

June 8, 2011

Aug 18, 2011

I'm still waiting.

What's the next title to get the 'core' hopes up then? Ryse? Steel Battalion?

I Never say never to any hardware but can we stop with the articles giving false hopes, it's making the wait for a game that appeals to me very hard.

TekoIie2387d ago

I really want RYSE :) I just hope that trailer wasnt fake gameplay like the star wars Kinect one that we saw a few years ago.

TheModernKamikaze2388d ago

Wasn't it aimed for young kids¿

Dlacy13g2388d ago

In fairness... Once i saw video of the game I never looked at it as a "core" gamer experience.

Captain Qwark 92388d ago

correct sir, anybody who thought different is an idiot.

whats worse, anybody who thinks that any game using solely kinect could ever be a "core" game. its a casual device meant for casual games and famillies. nothing more, nothing less. if you cant see that by now then jokes on you.

now dont get me wrong, it can "lend" to the core experience similar to how mass effect did it but it cant be used as the sole device in controlling a "core" game. somehow becomes ultra accurate, tracks fingers, and is used to control an rts game. would be really sweet to just point at units and click where to go/ what to attack etc

redDevil872388d ago

lol, say whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

AtomicGerbil2388d ago

I bet many people bought Kinect on the back of Microsoft's claims that Star Wars would be the only Lightsaber game you'd ever wish to own.

I find it's always wise to be cautious when it comes to huge corporations.

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