Nintendo's Competitive Advantage

Via Seeking Alpha:

The advantages to Nintendo are firstly that it makes their console cheaper to manufacture. This means that they can sell the base console at a profit whilst their competitors have to subsidise the retail price. It also gives Nintendo far more room to manoevre when it comes to using the price mechanism to take on that competition.

The second advantage is that games are a lot easier, quicker and cheaper to develop. In fact they are more comparable with PS2 games in this area. This, obviously, has a massive effect on what appears on the game shop shelf and when it appears. Quite simply, it should be far easier for a publisher to make a profit on Wii, which explains why so much development resource has been directed at it.

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bootsielon4035d ago

Don't do anything new. Pretend you did something new to your old product by turning it into a one trick pony, and repackage it. That way, you'll make instant profit by fooling everyone into thinking it's the new thing on the block. You'll sell at an expensive price for what you offer, yet you'll seem cheap thanks to everyone else actually making an effort to innovate.

Pacifist4035d ago

Are you saying that the new FPS style (4 consoles) has been done in the last gen?