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Everyone would like to be more graceful. Move with a preternatural sense of the environment, marrying Bourne's cat-like reflexes to Bond's easy drinking manner. Devil May Cry wasn't the first stylish game ever made, but it's the pioneer for a type of fighting game that's still in rude health today. Constructed entirely around making cocky lead man Dante look amazing while he annihilates everything with extreme grace, Devil May Cry HD should offer one hell of a show.

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-GametimeUK-2480d ago

Hardly my most anticipated HD collection as I can see why it may feel dated. I heard they also could have done a better job as far as visuals are concerned. These issues aside I can see myself getting this game down the line as I still view the franchise as a great one. I don't really support Capcom anymore, but this game is from an era in which I did support Capcom. Down the line I will pick it up, but there is no way I am paying full price. Hope it doesn't disappoint any of the fans :-)