Turok Demo Very Soon, Multiplayer Details, Achievements Unveiled


"Tim Lewinson confirmed that a demo is on the way "VERY" soon, for the Xbox Live Marketplace, and would follow on the Playstation Store later. Tim also went on to confirm the presence of dino's in multiplayer, online co-op, and the validity of the achievements that recently hit the net."

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Nostradavis4031d ago

I am not so interested in this game, but I will at least give the demo a shot.

picker3324031d ago

Great,finally a demo of this game,dusn't look that great(i mean the gameplay)
But we'll see when the demo is out.

techie4031d ago

Mixture of dinos and humans seems interesting. I'm not sure if they'll pull it off though

heroman7114031d ago

i dont care too much bout this game but ill give the demo a shot

ChaosKnight4031d ago (Edited 4031d ago )

Wasn't the demo supposed to come out last month... on that note, wasn't a Dark Sector demo supposed to come out as well?

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The story is too old to be commented.