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Bleucrunch2393d ago

Oh gosh this terrible....are they actually going to release DLC for this??? LOL WOW...Good Luck!

Lucretia2393d ago

its free -_-.

besides that, all this free dlc will be worth it for the smart people who wait till this game is 30 bucks :) like me!

Bleucrunch2393d ago

just get a gamefly account and rent this terrible game...its not worth your hard earned money bro.

turokgames2393d ago

Not everyone lives in the states you know >.>

Bleucrunch2392d ago

I'm sure you can rent game where ever you are...just waste your money it's not worth it because it so bad.

Lucretia2393d ago

had gamefly. And I would be paying 15$ for this to not own it. i say 20-30 bucks to own isnt that bad lol.

sux the way they went >_> least doa5 is good so far

Regent_of_the_Mask2392d ago

DOA5 isn't good at all. They dumbed it down significantly. The AI is much easier than DOA4, they removed the 4 point counter system for the easy 3 point counter system, they added "power blows" which can throw your opponent into the environment for extra damage even if they're nowhere near it (it breaks your guard if you try to block the move), they removed DOA characters like Ein for MORE (that's right, more than 1) Virtua Fighter characters which shouldn't be in the game to begin with, and they took away the artistic charm that the series was known for (it's like Ayumi from X-Blades compared to the new crappy version in Blades of Time; like ruining Crash Bandicoot by getting rid of his bellybutton and his fingerless gloves and giving him tattoos).

andron2393d ago

Well anyhow be sure to tell Tecmo Koei how you feel about the game in this online survey. Too bad they only 500 words, I had lots more to say:

Lucretia2392d ago

Sweet dude. Gotta make sure this doesnt happen again. although im sure hayashi read the reviews lol

h311rais3r2392d ago

Thanks. I displayed my disgust for the new ng...miss old ng. New ng isn't even close to what a sequel is. More like a spinoff...

RufustheSage2392d ago

The game isn't that bad, just wish they would fix the delay between dodging and attacking. You should be able to cancel what you're doing just like in 1 and 2.