Wonderwallweb give Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness 9.1/10

Normally during the Christmas break we have the opportunity to catch up with some much-needed gaming on titles that had not been given too much time previously. However this year, only one game kept Wonderwallweb completely hooked, it wasn't Halo 3, Call of Duty 4, Uncharted, heck, it's wasn't even on a next gen console.

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Relcom4030d ago

It will rock your face hard for a long time. Super long game with lots of side stuff to do (that acually fun). 10/10 for me but, 9.1 i'm not mad at.

Luca Blight4030d ago

as are most NIS games especially Disgaea 2 and Makai Kingdom. Can't wait for 200+ hours of fun with Disgaea 3 when it comes out.