AirMech: Reviving the Action RTS Genre

WTG: "AirMech is a game currently in Alpha. If I could liken it to any game, the biggest inspiration would be Herzog Zwei on the Genesis.You control an aircraft that has the ability to turn into a large death machine on the ground. You have a base, and your goal is to destroy the enemy’s base. Along the way, you use foot soldiers to capture smaller bases, which repair and refuel your ship, and allows you to place other units. The battles are fast, and allow you to play with your own strengths for victory. Prefer to build ridiculous defenses and slowly steamroll yourself across the battlefield? Do it. Are you more of a fan of the blitzkrieg, attacking fast and heavy? Have at it. The game currently has game mores for 1p survival, 2v2, and 3v3, with both PvP as well as PvAI battles."

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