Battlefield 3 - Rent a Server Trailer

The official rent a server trailer of Battlefield 3.

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turokgames2389d ago

Awesome that this is available for consoles.

DoomeDx2389d ago

Very nice. and very easy money for dice lol

ThatHappyGamer2389d ago

IMO, its very easy money for EA rather than DICE.

omi25p2389d ago

Doesn't halo have this for FREE?

Biggest2388d ago

Technically, no. But many games have a similar feature (Halo included) at little to no cost. The big difference here is dedicated servers as opposed to p2p servers.

Crazyglues2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Yeah this is pretty cool, I just wish the game played as good as it did before the patch...

for me the patch messed up a lot of things, it fixed some but it's a completely didn't game now..

Love the server Idea - indeed a cool feature..


ThatHappyGamer2389d ago

IMO Patch 1.04 is really Great. This is how BF3 should have been from the first.

If you're complaining that the Patched messed up a lot of things like frag rounds, usas 12, MK3, mav riding etc etc then you gotta get back to cod.

PS : you maV bro ?

Crazyglues2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Nah I don't snipe at all, no mav riding and I don't use shootguns -that's for NOOB's

I'm a diehard BF3 player, Famas was one of my fav weapons.. they destroyed it... -the endless grenade is really annoying..

I don't play COD, I play battlefield and I'm an older gamer so I actually worked to rank up my guns, I didn't buy a gun pack...

I earned my rank - http://battlelog.battlefiel...

One game at a time..

Most of the guns are broke or you could say work differently now, and not in a good way, the LMG's are now over powering.. IMO

Yes some things are better the INRV is now back fixed... most of the time I get a lot of input lag... throwing a grenade -reloading -while shooting..

I'm just saying it's IMO... if you like it more power to you, maybe it's better on xbox but I'm on PS3.. Until the server patch run perk was the same at normal run.. Now that's actually working right.. there are problems, but I guess if you don't play that much you wouldn't know.

I played like almost everyday so I notice.. if you didn't fine -enjoy- but don't act like you know anything about it.. -because clearly you don't..


Patient_624822389d ago

More console games need this feature!

ThatHappyGamer2389d ago

First they should provide Dedicated Servers. Then they can talk about private servers.

PS : If you know what game i mean. :P

TekoIie2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Oh totally im 100% willing to give that much money to EA for just a server /s.

48 GBP is A LOT of money which would be better spent on a game.

ThatHappyGamer2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

They're not forcing you to buy a server. There are plenty of "private servers" which are open for the public to play. You can always play in them.

TekoIie2389d ago

true but its a ridiculous price when compared to the competition on consoles which doesnt exist on PC.

sllshrm2388d ago

Dedicated servers do cost a lot

Though not this much, but its EA so this price is expected.

FaulkinPunch2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

WTF....people, I've done this on games without buying sh** on some stupid rent-a-server feature!

How come you all are cool with this? This is taking basic game options (Not all games have this, but the ones that do are free to customize!) and making it a premium feature.

(Keeping in mind the potential numbers of BF3 players could outnumber said games. But if the EA servers aren't as good as other game servers, I'm not sure if that would have anything to do with options for a game like removing the hud...)

DoomeDx2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

There is a diffrence between having a Dedicated Server, and a P2P Server
Are you new to gaming? Or are you a console only gamer?
This is something thats completely normal.
Sites such as can host PC Game servers for you, for pretty much the exact same price.

Though there is one thing i do agree with, having to pay to play privatly with a friend is bullshit.
Why not make a P2P option.

EDIT: Having Servers with 400% more tickets are awesome

TheGameFoxJTV2389d ago

No P2P option cause it would work, it'd be a laggy piece of shit, that's why.

TekoIie2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Yes but when games like halo do something similar for free its a piss take when you look at the price in the trailer...

AusRogo2389d ago

But isnt it actually a dedicated server your renting? Completely different then a p2p server. And hell, if you dont like it, dont spend money on it! Im okay with this because other people are renting em and having heaps of tickets which makes it alot more fun. I wouldnt expect them to rent out THEIR servers for nothing.

MGRogue20172389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Yeah.. and instead of purchasing your own server, save money & join someone elses!

There's bound to be one that fits your personal preference or liking. I'm liking this new feature already :D

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