PlayStation 3: Upscaling DVDs And Fan Noise

PS3 Buzz reports: I watched a couple of SD DVDs on the PS3 tonight and I think they looked great - comparable to what I would have expected from an HD version of the shows. The only thing that erked me was the noise of the fans kicking on…they seem to go to a 'level 2' or 'level 3' noise level after 20 minutes of watching the movie.

I did notice the fans kick on pretty hard during some Devel May Cry (PS2) bouts over the past couple of days…it's definitely loud.

I have read a few things on the Internet about noise, and generally some people have a loud fan problem and the jury still seems out regarding replacement units from Sony.

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FirstknighT4567d ago

The ps3 does a horrible job on upconverted standard dvds. This is old news and everybody already knows this. If you want a good player with perfect upconversion get a Sammy Bluray player with HQV. Best bluray player on the market.

blacsheep4566d ago

dang son you really are turning green with envy over all the major love the ps3 is getting,the ps3 is over its infancy and is now starting to show what it can do,360 got some good games noone can deny that but for me its now maxed out and even valve stating that orange box used 95% of 360s power thats what 5% left to play with,while ps3 is going from strength to strength.

lets hope we still see you on here later on during 2008 when ps3 is truly basking in its glory which after the year its had with some unjustified hate towards it,it deserves to gloat.

funniest thing 1up has even started to show the ps3 love,bluray is now seen as a smart move and the games are continuing to flow and not to mention 'home' is coming man it feels good to be a ps3 owner right now.

boodybandit4566d ago

You do own one, correct?
I would hate to think you are giving an opinion on something you have no hands on experience with. Can you tell me what about the PS3 upscaling ability you don't like? I have 2 stand alone upscaling DVD players, one is a Samsung, and I have the PS3. Personally I think the PS3 is better than or at the very least equivalent too my stand alone players.

joemomma4566d ago

Sure thats what you want us to think. Good thing your not anyone important in the movie world or we would be screwed.

tk4566d ago

I have four DVD players. The PS3 beats them all hands down. It is quieter spinning the disk, and the quality is better as well. Heck - all of my DVD players tend to scratch the disks - but not the PS3.

Maybe you should buy a PS3 before making up stuff like this.

lmao2474566d ago

You are pathetic, I respect bladestar cause he can muster up comments that are nice about the system even though he has his preferences, but you on the other hand have hid for the last few days avoiding all the good press sony has because they beat your precious 360 this holiday and that there supporting the leading HD platform. You have hid in the shadows and the one negative article that has popped up you jumped on like a dog wanting to hump bill gates leg.

Flying_Squirrel4566d ago

My PS3 does a great job on upconverted DVD playback, the disc spin is silent and while the internal fan does spin slightly louder after about 30 mins of playback, it is not loud at all.

All in all the PS3 does a great job and it's now my preferred device for watching DVD's on - along with BD of course :p

For those that say that the upconverted playback is no good, watch some dvd's of Stargate Atlantis and you'll see that it look superb

Antiomo4566d ago (Edited 4566d ago )

Does pretty bad on upconversion also.

Btw I already know you talking trash out of your arse cuz ANY samsung player out there right NOW is trumped by the pioneer elite.

Im waiting for what denon has to offer.

actas1234566d ago

So why are they posting this here. Apparently the owner of the unit has some technical problems with it. Why doesn't he/she call sony and talk to them about it, what the hell, is he/she expecting us to fix that? that a freakin moran.

monkey6024566d ago

I agree with Lmao2476

Bladestar annoyed me to begin with but after a while his comments started to make sense, and he only lost bubbles over his opinion. I feel bad for him that he gets crap no matter what he says

jcgamer4566d ago

The FirstknighT does a horrible job at representing the opinions of 360 gamers, especially PS3 gamers. But this is old news and everybody already knows this. If you want a better opinion seek the opinions of fellow unbiased N4G's. Best gamers on the market.

robep34566d ago

You are as thick as the guy you have on your avatar the PS3 upscales dvd's brilliantly the fan makes very little noise you make more noise than all the PS3 fans put together and its all BULL COOKIES you say.


Lifendz4566d ago

would you rather a loud fan or a Red Rings of Death....

Don't worry...I'll wait.

BTW, I don't mind the PS3's fan noise, I do mind the heat generated by the system. My room must rise to by 9 degrees whenever I have the system on for more than an hour. I just open a window and in the winter it's better than having the heat on.

BrianC62344566d ago

Why is this crap on this site? Who runs that site? It looks like it's just some 360 fanboy trying to make the PS3 look bad. I never hear noise from my PS3 no matter what I'm doing. I have to listen really hard to hear any noise. This just doesn't belong on this site.

BrianC62344566d ago

"would you rather a loud fan or a Red Rings of Death...."

If you want both problems just buy a 360. The PS3 has neither problem. At least my PS3 doesn't have a noisy fan.

Lifendz4566d ago

Thanks for quoting me....I think. Not sure if you were agreeing with me or not so I felt the need to clarify.

I'm not saying the PS3 has a loud fan. I was saying that assuming what this article says is true, you still have a choice of a loud fan or RROD.

wallace10004566d ago

I am not pointing fingers at anyone on this site but some people seem to have a little bit of a problem portraying thier opinion and other people taking it the wrong way. I only take bubbles away when a comment is obviously stupid. Some of the stuff i read on here that could be taken a few different ways i leave alone. I don't want someone loosing bubbles over a misunderstanding :-), i hope everyone else thinks that too.

Damphear4566d ago

you never played a ps3 stfu

and a normal dvd well never look as good as a blueray dvd. you xbots really donno any thing any more

Lord_Mike4566d ago

My PS3 upscales my DVD's beautifully, I don't know what your talking about knight. It's so good it's close to Bluray movie quality. At least that's how it looks on my 42" Panasonic Plasma.

jorellpogi4566d ago

As proud owner of 360 and PS3, no one can beat the jet engine noise of the 360. The terrible noise of the 360 is a proven fact.

FirstknighT4566d ago

Wow alot of personal attacks. I'm only stating what is already known. The ps3 upconversion of standard dvds is well below standards. And I never said anything about the 360 doing a better job, I agree the fan is to loud to watch a movie. But I don't use my 360 for movies, I use it for gaming. I own a Sammy bluray player with HQV processing. NOTHING beats HQV in making standard dvds look near hidef. That is a proven fact. Their was an article awhile back on the ps3 being equal to HQV processing and was completely laughed at by professionals. The ps3 does a good job on bluray movies but not standard.

And it doesn't do a good job on games either. ;)

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jcgamer4566d ago

my sh!t don't make noise either....and 9 million way up bro...

Lifendz4566d ago

but I'm glad yours isn't making noise.


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PirateThom4566d ago

The only time my PS3 kicks into Stage 3 fan noise is when it's been on for a long time through a game or is funning [email protected] even then it's nowhere near as noisy as the Wii or 360 with a disc in the drive.

SaturnTo4566d ago

My PS3 is folding all the time and it isn't that noisy, my 360 is much louder as soon as I turn it on. And when I'm playing DVD's on my PS3 the noise is still very quite I can't hear it.

bOOmStiCK4566d ago

I thinks it depends on where you put it and from PS3 to PS3 because mine gets noisy during PS2 games but it never gets to the extend of the Xbox360. My friends Xbox is really annoying when watching an Xvid or Divx that PS3 couldn't load. Oh well everything got it downside but noise is not a big downside at all since it's one the silent devices out there. My PS2 (first gen) was getting really noisy towards his end.

ravinash4566d ago

Check for dust over the vents, as the fan will work harder if it can't get the air flow it needs to keep the device cool.