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A legendary series with classic problems.

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LightofDarkness2392d ago

Another entry in the "Capcom Cash-Ins" series. That's it Capcom, keep on scraping the bottom of that barrel. Some day you'll just scrape clean through it and you'll have no more barrel at all, you'll just be standing there with a bunch of wood splinters and a useless shell, wondering what went wrong, while a bunch of disappointed people glare at you disdainfully.

VanillaBear2392d ago

Yup....I don't think they have anything else to destroy to be honest. I mean they have Monster Hunter, so I'm guessing thats next on the list

Have you ever saw the Devil May Cry facebook page or even the Capcom one....they're supposed to be talking about the new dmc but because of the all the backlash they talk about the HD collection more then the new game. I think they've gave up on it

dark-hollow2392d ago

Ahh the day when the collection beat DmC in sales.

Majin-vegeta2392d ago

Are they really HD like Sony's HD collections or are they just upgraded like that dumb stunt they pulled on RE:4&Code veronica x??

dark-hollow2391d ago

Yes they are:

I say capcom handled this one pretty well.

izumo_lee2391d ago

The menus & some cutscenes from what i have seen are 4:3 & upscaled like in RE:4/Code Veronica & not hi-res. The gameplay is HD though, DMC1 has not aged well in some scenes, DMC2 is still crap, & DMC3 is the game to really enjoy this collection.