Grand Theft Auto 5: How Much Juice Will we Need?

Some of the specs for the upcoming PC Version of GTA IV have surfaced on the net. Unfortunately, the question concerning a specific release date is still not answered by Rockstar.

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MrDead2389d ago

How Much Juice Will we Need? We will need slightly less than too much.

ATi_Elite2386d ago

Well if it's as unoptimized as GTAiv then we will need something along the lines of the Tianhe-1A which has several thousand Nvidia graphics processors and is the second fastest SuperComputer on the planet (that we know about)!

Hopefully Rockstar takes their time and make GTAV PC correctly!

BraveToaster2389d ago

If it's anything like GTA 4 you need an i7 3960X OC'd to 4.5ghz and 2 GTX 680's to get 45 fps on medium settings.

UdeS2389d ago

Knowing Rockstar the game will be poorly optimized and only the high-end PCs will be able to run it decently. Let's just hope that they optimize it a little better this time, also if you think GTA IV was poorly optimized play L.A. Noire, Good Luck.