Battlefield 3 Xbox 360 Patch Problems: Error 80150101 and Rent A Server Bug

Techtorial: Players who are downloading the new battlefield 3 patch for Xbox 360 are experiencing several problems. More Details on this report.

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glennco2480d ago

i just launched a MP game and the infinite looping went away and didnt come back. was damn annoying though

1st world problem

SignifiedSix2480d ago

i didn't experience any problems with downloading. The only good thing with this patch, was the "rent a server" option. otherwise it SUCKED!
I'm done with BF3 until they get things corrected.

Back to Reach i go! :)

AllroundGamer2480d ago

well probably 80% of BF3 players are through with the game because of the patch... back to BF2 :)