RPGSite - Victor Ireland Interview

Victor Ireland is a legend among the JRPG fanbase. Don't know him? You should. He was the former President of Working Designs, a company whose mission was to discover quality niche RPGs in Japan, translate, and then localize them for Western audiences to consume when the developers across the ocean didn't have the guts (or more likely, the finances) to do so, especially games that no other publisher would give a chance. The titles that Victor and his former company brought over that were adored by millions of those loyal to the genre include Lunar Silver Star Story Complete and its sequel Lunar 2: Eternal Blue, Alundra, and Arc the Lad. We spoke to the President of Gaijinworks about his Kickstarter effort and some of his dream projects!

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Stinky_Fish2388d ago

I dont believe the financial numbers. Your telling me it takes 500k to fund 7k copies?

I just cant believe that

How do you think they are funding those trips at the higher levels?

Karuto2388d ago

I am sure they are funding those trips on the higher levels due to the fact that someone who would go out of their way to donate that much money to the cause deserves a far bigger reward. A paid trip is typical in a lot of Kickstarters, even those who are of a lot smaller size.

knifefight2388d ago

"He was the former President of Working Designs"

Isn't he STILL the former president of Working Designs?

Karuto2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

Working Designs dissolved a few years back, and Victor took a lot of the key staff from there and founded Gaijinworks.

EDIT: Ah, I realized my grammar mistake. I will fix it in the main article since I can't adjust it here. Thanks!

knifefight2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

EDIT: ^_^

knifefight2388d ago

On topic: I hope they make it, but chances look slim at best.

It's been a week and they've only gotten 58k. They have 23 days to get 442k, so they need nearly 20k a day.

20k a day and yet...they've averaged 8k a day over their first week. Ergh...yeah, sadly this doesn't look like it'll happen. =/