Transformers 2: Michael Bay Promises Lot of New Robots

Director Michael Bay has revealed that the sequel to Transformers will feature lot of new, unique robots. Bay wrote on his personal web site:

Transformers 2 will be coming soon. The new robots are really really unique and there are a lot of them this time.

Well before the first movie hit theaters, the film makers let slip that that Dinobots and Constructicons may be some of the groups that will appear in a potential sequel. A short video clip found on, (enter "codeblack," click on the red hard drive, choose the N.B.E. 08 file) shows Dinobots leader Grimlock in his T-Rex form, crushing everything on his path. The excavator on the left could be Scavenger, from the Constructicons.

Futhermore, producer Tom DeSanto said in an interview that he has "a very cool idea on how to intro the Dinobots and Constructicons."

Considering the ending of the first movie, we are pretty sure that we'll get to see Shockwave and otherrobots that have survived at Cybertron. What Autobots and Decepticons characters would you like to see in Transformers 2?

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christopher64534034d ago

Please tell me that the person who wrote this story doesn't really think that the video one the sector seven site of "Grimlock in T-Rex form" is anything other than FAN MADE FILM.


Pain4034d ago

u see 3 more

oyea and woo this one most definitly on bluray baby~

MK_Red4034d ago

I just hope they don't screw up the legendary characters of original series like the first film and make them look like jokes that are saved by a little boy.
Seriously, original Transformers was the movie that disappointed me the most last year.

tatotiburon4034d ago

man in Transformers The Movie back in the 80's there wars a little boy as well ;)...Optimus Prime was awesome, Transformers 2 will rule.

MK_Red4034d ago

There was a boy but he did now save the world in that classic and Optimus didn't "owe" his life to him. It was Hot Rod that did everything.

InMyOpinion4034d ago

How about a decent manuscript? Ol' Mike seems more interested in creating visual effects than directing movies.

I'm more interested in the new Batman movie. The Joker looks badass.

MK_Red4034d ago

Agreed. They really need a script that's at least decent.

As for Batman, I'm not just more interested. I'm INSANELY anticipating The Dark Knight because not only it is directed by Nolan that made the classic Batman Begins, it's also written by his brother Jonathan that wrote the incredible Memento and Prestige.
And Joker indeed looks badass (The most badass villain ever created in cinema IMO).

InMyOpinion4034d ago

Loved both Memento and The Prestige. Great movies.

MK_Red4034d ago

Agree. Both were seriously awesome.
Hopefully his 3rd script is as perfect and combined with directional skills of his brother and the amazing cast and characters, The Dark Knight turns out to be the classic it should be.

tatotiburon4034d ago

The Best Joker right now is Jack Nicholson, amazing but this new Joker is so cool, may be turns to be better thant old jack

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