New Xbox means more polygons, which means higher cost for developers

That next Xbox rumoured to be on the way? The one supposedly codenamed 'Durango'? Well it'll let us enjoy much better textures and character models thanks to all those extra polygons.

The bad news is that because there's more room to enjoy visual content developers need to spend more time on them, driving up costs and lead time. Next PlayStation to suffer too.

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MrGunny942389d ago

Which means more Quality!

Ghost2502389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

which means you pay more than 60$ for a game

Fishy Fingers2389d ago

Who even pays retail for games these days. If you cant be bothered to shop around, or wait a week or two, you deserve paying the premium.

Gaming doesnt have to be expensive, this gen, or next.

kreate2389d ago

If the standard cost sits at 70 bucks instead of 60 for new releases. Even as the price drops, u'll still pay more next gen, than this gen overall.

Or u might have to wait even longer for the prices to drop to that swett 20-30 dollar range.

Gaming doesnt have to be expensive this gen or the next, but next gen will be more expensive than this gen if standard prices for games goes up.

Also what u gonna do if used games market starts to die? Just saying.

d0nT wOrrY2389d ago

Which means we're raped!
Which means more DLCs..

mushroomwig2389d ago

It's not like you're forced to buy DLC.

limewax2389d ago

Well you are to an extent though. Often the a game will continue the story through DLC. If that game has a sequel that I plan to purchase in the future then the DLC is mandatory to getting the whole story.

Mutliplayer maps are not forced. But story based DLC does push the fans into a purchase they would have clearly rather had on the disk. Personally I would rather they just got on with the next game than try an add an extra 1/4 of a game I own and continue to charge me for the story

kreate2389d ago


thats why i just youtube it

Stinky_Fish2389d ago

more like games will be 80 dollars, each company might release 1 game a gen, shooters in the west, and then the crash

kneon2389d ago

If you adjust that $80 for inflation that's about the equivalent of paying $50 dollars for a game 20 years ago. So really prices haven't changed much.

banner2389d ago

Wish i could do that to pay my bills..

I could see it now.. My light bill is 100 and i send them 50 telling them but 50 yrs ago.....

kneon2389d ago

Well had you invested that $50 fifty years ago and only managed a return equal to the inflation rate you would have almost $400. So you could pay your $100 light bill and still have enough to go out and buy a PS3.

dark-hollow2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

People here really don't have a clue about game development process.

High end graphics doesn't necessarily mean high cost.

Game development costs spreads on a lot of other things than the game engine.

Gta iv costed 100$ million but crysis looks much better and way cheaper.

Halo 3 costed 55$ million, more expensive than the much superior in tech kill zone 2.

Oh and guess what again? Shenmue, an over ten years old game costed 70$ million!!!! Which means a frickinn dreamcast game costed more than 99% of today's supposedly high end, high budget games.

Games on the old days were very simple, not only in graphics but the whole production is cheap. No recording high quality sound effects, no voice artist, no whole orchestras to play your soundtrack.

As ever evolving the tech gets, it actually get easier and somehow cheaper to develop games with new developer friendly assists and engines, new methods that developers will create to make things much easier for them.

Gohadouken2389d ago

All of those 3 are unusual cases of massive spending , hardly something you could use as a standard an point . And some of those cost were insane marketing .

One shenmue serie had that cost , the rest of the DC games not even close .

"Games on the old days were very simple, not only in graphics but the whole production is cheap. No recording high quality sound effects, no voice artist, no whole orchestras to play your soundtrack. "

Your point just beg the question , wich old days ? The 8 ... 16 bits or 32 ones ? Expansive soundtracks and voice over have been quite common since the 32 bits era at least , and their presence only increased .

dark-hollow2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

No they aren't "unusual cases"
I was giving a perfect example that better graphics doesn't always mean higher costs.

People think the more advanced the game, the higher it cost get which is not always true.
Or by their logic, how come a dreamcast game cost more than halo, killzone, mgs 4 and so on.

By old days I mean on the 8-bit era.

oricon2389d ago

Which means longer development and rushed games.

mamotte2389d ago

Wich means Avatar from James Cameron is the best movie of all time! Oh, no wait. I judge things by it's content.

RedDead2389d ago

Even less risks. Even worse games. Take Avatar for example. Massive budget, crappy overused story. PG./ Devs will be limited just like Movie creaters have been/ Prometheus the ALien prequel is rumoured to be 12pg because 18's is too big a risk on the money

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AtomicGerbil2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Why should it cost more, it doesn't on the PC.

First it was "we can't do what we want with current gen", now it's "it'll cost too much on next gen". Are these people never happy? What's wrong with challenging yourselves to do what you can with what you've got, be it hardware or money?

Mikeyy2389d ago

A lot of Pc games are $60 now too.

AtomicGerbil2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

Strange, nearly all the new PC titles in the UK are around £30 ($48).

Edit: BTW I didn't disagree.

JsonHenry2389d ago

I haven't paid $60 for a PC game. Ever. But then again I don't play CoD games (which never seem to drop in price) and I always hunt down the best deal online as well.

The Meerkat2389d ago

I agree.

I thought most games were developed at much higher resolutions then downgraded to go onto consoles.

Frankfurt2389d ago

It's true. Textures and models are made at a higher quality than what you see even in PC games.

Only people with their heads in the sand don't know that.

SandwichHammock2389d ago

Yeah, and used game sales are the new pandemic plaguing poor poor publishers. Ohhh those poor publishers!

Generally when things like assets are created for games, they are created at a much higher quality than the platform it is being created for can run. This is done for scaling as its much easier to remove the quality and complexity of something than add to it. Hence one would think that with more powerful hardware, at least where we are getting to, it is more likely that the original asset created will simply "drop in" without any type of altering. Now, the last time I checked, removing a step or steps from production, reduces cost.

Keep on spinning.

Aggesan2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

I find this odd coming from a developer. Can't be a graphic artist. The thing is, when 3D models are made for modern games, you first make a high poly model, then bake the details into a normal map, then you make a low poly version of the model and in runtime the model and normal map work together to make the low poly model look like it's more detailed than it actually is.
What I'm saying is, the high poly models are already being made, so why would it be more expensive next gen? All they have to do is make a slightly less low poly version of the high poly version. If anything, it should translate into less work.

Gohadouken2389d ago (Edited 2389d ago )

True but only to an extent . Take tekken tag HD ... from day one it had enough original high poly models to not only be downscaled for the ps2 and arcade release , but later on re-released with probably all of its details in HD .

But thing is you still need to constantly bump the quality of those high poly , and then factor in animation costs and the contantly evolving lighting and texturing techs . Today's high poly arent certainly of the same quality and level of tekken tag from earlier .

Tyre2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

@Aggesan Exactly, just what i was thinking. The high poly models are the 1st being made before dumping em down for this gen. So the cost are already made in the 1st place plus it will be easier because the software nowadays is better and since (quite) a lot of years capable of CGI graphics(cinema level) with lesser and lesser effort. This article is pure bullocks.

sprinterboy2389d ago

Article states the captain obvious lol. Did we really need a article to tell us that. Like someone stated above, just wait a couple of weeks before purchasing the game. Imo you have games like half life, gta series, killzone and uncharted series which truely deserve my money day 1 other than that a majority of multiplat titles can wait a month or.2 to iron out bugs/glitches etc so u get the best gaming experience anyway after numerous patches

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