BF3: Server fix for Heat seekers and TV-missiles rolled out, incoming fix for mortar in Grand Bazaar

DSOGaming writes: "With the release of Battlefield 3′s patch 1.5, some extraordinary bugs were introduced to the game. Which is typical for DICE’s patches, right? Both Heat seekers and TV missiles were bugged and dogfights where – in general – screwed up. Thankfully though, DICE was quick to react and have just released a server hotfix that resolves those two issues and features some backend fixes."

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MizTv2487d ago

i wanted a patch to take away the frag rounds but now i wish i could go back to how it was b4. i cant even play this game now. and its so hard to stay in rush mode now

Mr-Zex2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

Massive disagree there, the Frag rounds were just ridiculous and shouldn't have been like that in the first place, the patch has fixed it to become so much more playable now.

gcolley2487d ago

just sick of choppers dominating in every game they are in.

Swiggins2487d ago

Grab a friend, have him go Recon/Engineer, SOFLAM/Javelin that shit up and enjoy the chopper pilots rage.

BraveToaster2486d ago

Since the patch I have killed, and been killed with the heatseekers multiple times. Though the TV missile didn't seem to do anything when I hit a tank with it.

SignifiedSix2486d ago

I have a great fix for everyone to enjoy.

Somebody2486d ago

I just did a week ago. Played Atacama for a solid three hours. So much nostalgia and I ruled the helos with my trusty tank.

I felt dirty though: ALL the players are relatively new.