Jack Attacks Corporate Extortion

Bagogames: Jack Attacks is Bagogames first attempt at a weekly opinion piece and, in the top brass' lack of wisdom, Jack Patton has been chosen to do it. So every week or so he's just going to pick a fight with something and hope there is someone who agrees with him. This week it's the gaming industry itself and the dastardly tactics they employ to maximise profit. Hit the link and then when, or if, you finish please leave a comment in the comment box!

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AtomicGerbil2388d ago (Edited 2388d ago )

We need more media to highlight and comment on this kind of behaviour. But also we need to recognise those that do DLC in the way it was expected to be, ie. Rockstar (GTA, RDR), Bethesda, Polyphony Digital, Gearbox (Borderlands) etc.

Unfortunately I fear the majority of the recognised gaming media outlets are held to ransom by unscrupulous publishers, so your layperson is not being informed fairly, which is why the protest against this kind of thing is not loud enough yet.