Verified: Battlefield 3 is coming

Seems as if the rumors of a Battlefield 3 are panning out. And why should EA stop making a franchise that brings them in loads of $$$ and is still enjoyed by gamers around the world.

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Hangmat4029d ago

Loved BF2, can't wait to get BF:BC on my PS3, and now BF3 on my PC! :D

kwicksandz4029d ago

Bf2 was an awful buggy mess on release. Did anyone else experience the allied names in red bug? wasnt that fun on servers that ban for a TK.

Bf series has gone steadily down the toilet since 1942 peaking at the desert combat modification (which was made by frontline fuel of war devs big potential in that title)

The game itself was fun after several patches! but supporting lazy devs doesnt sit well with me. EA ruins so many games =(

sak5004029d ago

LOL i remember the TKs based on red friendlies. ALso the bunny jumping and rockets passing thru vehicles. ANyway the BF series got me hooked on to the online games. 1942/DC played it like for 2 years, BF:Vietnam was ok but the soundtrack rocked, BF2 and now BF2142. Can't wait for BC for 360 and BF3 for pc ;)

Xbrainer4029d ago (Edited 4029d ago )

I hope they make it a modern setting rather than a future one

ty for pointing that out wohoo
bring on BF3!

wohoo4029d ago

"...BF3 is going to be set in modern day..."

Zhuk4029d ago

I thoroughly enjoyed Battlefield 2 and Battlefield 2142, they are great games. I hope with the release of Battlefield 3 that DICE will have learned their lessons and stop releasing games that are very buggy, it took a long time for BF2 to mature

bourner4029d ago

why wouldent they make a bf3. the amount of money they must of made from the battlefield franchise . also bf bc going to console so there had to be a pc version

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