Devil May Cry HD Collection Review (Critical Gamer)

Critical Gamer writes: A lot has happened since 2001. The Lord of the Rings trilogy has made people consciously aware of how uncomfortable cinema seats are to sleep in, iPods have enslaved pockets everywhere and Capcom has delivered four Devil May Cry games. That’s right, Devil May Cry is eleven years old. The first three titles were released for PS2 in 2001, 2003 and 2005. Capcom has now rereleased them on one disc in HD flavour, but do they still hold the tactical hack ‘n’ slash crowns they earned in their heyday?

Dante, the human/demon hybrid child of legendary super demon Sparda, comfortably sits at the centre of each game. He is a cocky, arrogant adrenaline junky whose smart quips and pursuit of all things in an unnecessarily cool way make him an insane, cheeky and likeable character. He can also take on a devil form that drastically improves his abilities. There’s no modesty about him, he’s badass and knows it. Whilst the story varies by game, it usually involves Dante agreeing to help someone before he gets impaled by a series of nasty things, only for him to rip everything evil to bits. The plotlines are mostly loose frameworks to drape the action over, but put the demonic enemies and physics defying weapons in context.

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Blackdeath_6632388d ago

will buy this collection then say goodbye to one of the greatest hack an slash games and my favourite game of all time DMC3. i want the devil may cry series to end on a high for me before they go ahead and ruin it with the reboot so i really apreciate this hd collection.

Baka-akaB2388d ago

I'm not ready to put any nail into any coffin yet .
I expect DmC to sell but fails widely with Capcom's sales expectations .

Capcom will then pretend everything was great , lay the serie to ground for the remainding of the console gen , and bring back some kind of lazy "back to the roots approach" on wii u/ps3/720 .

Wich will be unfortunate as it will be yet again dmc3 lite , or dmc4 ++ , good but not epic . While there was much room to expand into new wild ideas while retaining the core game .

Instead some folks and capcom will get some weird signal that fans didnt want innovations , as if doing a now traditional simplified hack and slash with emphasis on story was even an innovation .

dark-hollow2388d ago

That's sad, two great H&S franchises get ruined in one year.

I'll wait for bayonetta 2.
The first game is awesomeness in it pure form.

BI0RAPTOR2388d ago

@ Dark Hollow

Was you referring to Ninja Gaiden III?
I have not played it although I have read enough to know they have made a game no where near as good as the NG black and NG II.

BI0RAPTOR2388d ago

My copy of this nostalgia should be arriving today as I speak.
I am amazed they got all the content and bonus content onto one disc.
They do not make em like they use too.

rezzah2388d ago

Same, mine should be here within the next 30 min

BI0RAPTOR2388d ago

Still waiting for mine and it is on Amazon Prime,its 6pm UK time now.
Dam how long does it need to take :(
Keep getting up and down looking out the window :)
Bloody joke.Amazon not the game.....
Hope you enjoy your game friend and anyone else who as it or is getting it.

aDDicteD2388d ago

going to pick this one up for sure!