Xboxer360 - Review: Kinect Star Wars

Richard Berry of Xboxer360 writes "If you like the idea of standing in your living room pretending to be a Jedi Knight as you wave around a pretend lightsaber before throwing out some imaginary force powers, then Kinect Star Wars is right up your street. Kinect Star Wars (KSW) is not just about pretending to be a Jedi though, there are also four very well thought out game modes, with a fifth mode more like an added extra rather than a self-contained game. It may sound like another Kinect gimmick, but it’s quite the opposite, KSW is a collection of games that could all quite easily stand on their own."

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EasilyTheBest2393d ago

A great score for a Kinect game so I guess there will be few comments in here.
Funny that. Like I have said before in a previous post, if it had been given a 3/10 there would be tons of coments in here.

TBM2393d ago

honestly i just cant believe any site giving this game anything over 5, from all the vids ive seen this is one of the worst games ever created.

EasilyTheBest2393d ago

Your calling it the worst game ever created just from videos you have seen. lol
You need to watch a few videos of sum classic 80s text adventures. lol

MrBT2393d ago

Something that is worng today, too many base opinions off of gameplay videos alone. Some of the best games still exsist as crappy 8-bit pixel games.

More to the point this is still strictly a "Kinect" game and for that KSW is a very competent game

pandaboy2393d ago

I really don't see what is wrong with basing an opinion off a gameplay video.

acheashadow2393d ago

Gameplay videos don't demonstrate the feel of a game, only the look. Take Lost Planet for instance, videos made it look amazing but the gameplay felt terrible. Also Raindow Six Vegas looked terrible with its graphics yet the gameplay was awesome.

Never judge a book by its cover?

pandaboy2393d ago

How else would you get an idea to whether or not you would like the game or how it plays? I grant that you don't fully understand how the game plays, but you can, for example, differentiate a racing simulator to an arcade racer based entirely on gameplay.

Surely there is an argument for you being justified in concluding that the game does not look satisfactory based on your previous experiences in gaming and your understanding of gameplay mechanics.

Shadonic2393d ago

you cant base many games of of videos alone kinect is different because its not as set in stone as a controller or the move like on one vid i watched it worked perfectly it even looked 1:1 but in another it didnt look so great but the guy playing looked so stiff i thought he had sever diareha while playing. It all depends on how you play the game and if you fallow the controls exactly as they appear.

Chuk52393d ago

Never expected that score.