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X360A: "Hardcore Star Wars fans and savage dogs have a lot in common. They both rarely sleep, whenever they get a chance to show their teeth, they will, and they’re very rarely happy. If you’re a hardcore Star Wars fan, you’re going to want to look away now. Just know that this isn’t for you and pretend that you never even heard the words Kinect Star Wars uttered in the same sentence ever again. In fact, it’s not going to be for a lot of people, but we’ll press on anyway."

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Snookies122393d ago

Honestly... If they had just stuck with lightsabers only for this... It would have been amazing I'm sure. If they had only focused on lightsaber duels. Have all the famous fights from the movies, a few original dream duels, and multiplayer to fight against people online, or on the same tv...

I probably would have bought a Kinect for that, had this been what the game was. But alas, it didn't happen that way. :\

GraveLord2392d ago

Looks like this is the only reviewer who wasn't paid off.