Assassin' S Creed in two new images - 360 Version

Here are two new Assassin' S Creed images from the Xbox 360 version.

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zypher5851d ago

when AC was thought to be a PS3 exclusive it was the most talked about next-gen game on the horizon. now that it's been revealed as an "Also-on 360" game--with a new screen displaying a HUD to boot--no one wants to talk about it. its hilarious how bad fanboydom's gotten. the only people who seemed interested in the game were fanboys who used it as a tool to bicker amongst each other. i for one am glad to see a new screen with a HUD. shows promise, and reaffirms my desire for the game to come out even more.

kewlkat0075851d ago

There bro. This game was the hottest tool for flaming about who was and who was not getting it. Once the rumors became fact,fanboys looked for the next flaming war tool. From the looks of it only blue-ray storage space capacity is the only tool left for the PS3 as far as that goes. I'm sure both games will look good on either system.

Tempo5851d ago

they are all in the xbox 1080p forum. On another note does anyone feel that this game is ready for play and for sometime now?

Bill Gates I Am5851d ago

Yes, I think it is very ready for play. Do we have a release date on this yet?

Love the "X" button to intimidate. Kick that guy in the back of the head. That'll intimidate him.

Jay da 2KBalla5850d ago

Yea you're right zypher, sony fanboys are ridiculous.

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The story is too old to be commented.