Kinect Star Wars Review [EUROGAMER]

Eurogamer: "In concept alone, Kinect Star Wars seems to have been designed to create a perfect storm of nerdrage. It's a collection of casual motion-controlled mini-games, to start with, the sort of cheesy shallow product that has been proven to drive self-professed "hardcore" gamers into steaming tantrums of outrage and disgust."

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majiebeast2479d ago

This video alone makes it a 1/10 and there is more where that came from.

PixL2479d ago

This is the saddest thing I've seen in a long time. I'm not a big fan of SW but selling out like this is just turd.

EasilyTheBest2479d ago

Other reviews have given it a 7s and 8s, funny I dont see you in those posts.

TBM2479d ago

OMFG WTF was that i just saw? i couldn't even get 40 seconds into this crap before turning it off. i can't believe a beloved property like Star Wars turned into casual garbage like this.

just seeing the ads on tv just turns my stomach. any site giving this crap good scores is just sucking off kinect/M$ imo this game should have NEVER have happened.

dark-hollow2479d ago

Is this is a joke?
star wars was never been raped like this before!

jonboi242479d ago

huh that's a lot higher than expected?!?

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AusRogo2479d ago

How could they think a Star Wars game would work on rails? Give us a new Rogue Squadron or Battlefront 3..

Shadonic2479d ago

its basically played the same as all other star wars games you just dont controll the movement much during the running down corridoors parts. i mean honestly it fallows the same template for levels you fight run down to next area fight run down to next area just like every other adventure game whats so bad about you not getting much control dureing the most boreing part of the game?

Chuk52479d ago

This is more in line with what I expected.
Tbh, MS knows their audience for this game and know reviews don't really matter for said audience.

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